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Advanced Mummification Procedure

by Mummifier

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THE PHARAOH'S CURSE Rah You find you running from You find you running You find you crawling from You find you crawling You find you hiding from you and you don't know why Resisting The pharaoh's curse We're all doomed He finds his host again
MUMMIFIED CHRIST Wait, what's the point? We're all dead He'll kill us all Torn from the cross Placed on a table of stone Crown of thorn Brains ripped out of his nose How can we hide from omnipotence? Why is he a mummy? Does anyone know? I don't, do you? No? We're dead Mummified Christ Wrapped in a Burial Shroud Eyes sewn shut Entombed 50 ft underground Mummified Christ Rises again from the dead Walking the earth Bandages ripped to shreds And I will cause them to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and they shall eat every one the flesh of his friend in the siege and straitness where with their enemies, and they that seek their lives, shall straiten them
MUMMIFICATION Hog-tied with tape over your mouth I wanna wrap you up Wait here in the bedroom, we'll call a tomb until I am ready This is the same kind of wrapping they used in ancient Egypt, but not really I bought it at Wal-Mart Ignore what I just said Damn it, I hope I didn't ruin the ambiance It's time to wrap you head-to-foot No safety word, your mouth's taped shut You're really something, baby You'll get dehydrated if we're not careful And the friction will rub you raw
Full Blast 00:32
FULL BLAST Fingertips against the neck, pushing through to break the skin Squeeze the handle, penetrate A warm liquid stains fingertips Welcome to Hell Shit
THE ROAD TO HELL So the road to Hell is paved with good intentions Well, what does that say about the road to Heaven?
THE TRUMPETING HORNS OF FAILURE Waitress bitch, I'm sick of this You messed up my order for the third time Do I have to go back and cook it myself or should I talk to your manager? No, I think I'll just kill you I'll find your house and kill your whole family, kill everyone you know, then kill everyone they know I'll just kill everyone, everything The universe dies tonight Existence was fun while it lasted All that is shall soon cease to be There will be no afterlife for you I could take your soul, but I revel in the thought of you not existing at all I said no mayo
SATAN'S GOD DAMN SPOON I made a homemade spoon I hope you like it It's made for you, one of a kind I made a homemade spoon It cuts my mouth open from the inside My blood mixes with yours, what a match made in decadence I made a homemade spoon I can smell you Festering in its cavities I made a homemade spoon I keep it in the homemade pocket I made in my ribcage The master will be pleased
RESISTORS ARE FUTILE Babies found lifeless in their cribs Mothers and fathers without their heads Satan's penis screams with joy Murder, mayhem, and into the void Crops laid to waste A worker found without a face Kingdoms crumble to the ground No sign of life can be found in This history which has yet to be written August 1st, 1996 Throughout the land all ears shall hear a name that is synonymous with fear That name is Peter Goldtoe
ANKHTIFI AND KHENTIKA Who dares disturb a mummy of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh? The idea of such desecration just seems so unthinkable You are trespassing in a tomb of the old kingdom era We'll find a curse that suits you well No, not again! Any ruler who... shall do evil or wickedness to this coffin... may Hemen not accept any goods he offers, and may his heir not inherit As for all men who shall enter this my tomb... impure... there will be judgment... an end shall be made for him... I shall seize his neck like a bird... I shall cast the fear of myself into him
SATAN'S FUCKIN' HOOF Something waits deep below the earth's crust... or above it I suppose it depends on whether or not the earth is upside down in relation to the sun What lurks below waiting to torture their corpses with flesh eating worms oozing from its crevices? In the fire that shall never be quenched They cannot escape with two sharp nails digging into their backs They try to scratch at the source of it all, but it's burrowed too deep for fingernails to reach This is, of course, Satan's fucking hoof
SUNNY THE MUMMY I was once a malevolent Pharaoh I made an empire on blood and fear But when I died something changed inside And all I can say is this: I'm Sunny the happy mummy One who loves all that he sees My corpse is wrapped with love and joy And rainbows made of cheese I'm Sunny the jolly mummy Brought to life by children's dreams My tomb may look like a friendly one And it's exactly as it seems Sunny the Mummy I was once a malevolent Pharaoh I made an empire on blood and fear But when I died something changed inside And all I can say is this: I'm Sunny the friendly mummy On a random day of the year I'll hide presents behind childrens' doors And wait for their glorious cheers
SATAN IS A MUMMY The sky erupts with black fire as deep lacerations cover our flesh Screams and cries conjugate into one terrifying noise. A pain comes from within and soon spreads to every extremity, destroying our physical selves in almost every way possible The scent of burning, decaying skin becomes so overwhelming it invades our taste buds and consumes mouths and throats We vomit what food we can, then vomit ourselves onto the ground Those not on their knees quickly find themselves there. On our hands and knees, it feels like an open wound touching pavement on the hottest day No one has the strength to stand No one has the strength to do anything but regress to a childlike state hoping their parents, their doctors, their God, anyone will save them A bright light pierces the black sky and reveals a form of angelic perfection But the voice that follows stabs our ears and drowns out our own screams I existed before your "savior" I was conscious before the pen With my lies and deception I fooled an entire world. I guided the hands that translated the book, each time influencing the subtleties Rulers used to create their own faith The voice of God you follow is my own All who followed the truer path died over one thousand years ago Hell is full, my army complete We'll feast on the flesh of the pure and our own and paint the gates of heaven with blood" We want nothing more than to protest the voice, but obedience comes off as the most addictive drug We cannot think, let alone fight Our bodies are no longer our own, our minds become blank slates awaiting an order in Satan's name We march toward the light, leaving behind a fitting trail of death


GK#105 c&p 2011 karaoke/mummifier


released October 28, 2011

a MORTVILLE NOISE production
"Advanced Mummification Procedure"

Mummifier: Nick Leedom – Vocals / Theremin / Piano, Andy Koettel – Guitar / Roland SH-101, Allan Kempf – Guitar, Amenhotep I – Bass Guitar, Imhotep - Drums.

"Advanced Mummification Procedure" was recorded with a MCI JH-16 2” tape machine on 16 tracks at Strangebird Recording in Centerville, IA on April 10th, 11th and 17th, 2010 -engineered by Travis Atkinson and produced by Mummifier. Additional overdubs were done at Mortville Noise HQ January-February 2011 using Reaper v3.11 and mixed the 13th of February 2011.

Cassette version available now from www.hurtstohear.com

“Advanced Mummification Procedure” cover collage created by Salk AKA Clint D/A/S for the Grindcore Gluestick. Lyric panel for digital booklet designed by Nick Leedom. Mummifier logo designed by Cole Hiatt. All additional artwork and design by Andy Koettel.

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