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An End In and of Itself

by Bastards

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Bong Rips 00:23
BONG RIPS 9 to 5 is a fucking joke, I live my life to fucking smoke, only from the finest pipe bong rips!
SKULL FRAGMENTS ON THE STREET Pushing through all this mass, body parts fly right past. Not just one, multiple blasts. Out of my way! Authorities been telling us to all remain calm. But how the fuck do you do that around pipe bombs. Skull fragments on the street, Yeah. Through it all I turn back seeing terrified suits, wide eyed and scream "What the fuck do I do?" Push to the front. Through it all I turn back seeing terrified suits, wide eyed and screaming "What the fuck do I do?"
QUESTION EVERYTHING Despite the slanders, despite the lies, you seem to follow them with such believing eyes. I've got a solution for you: Stand up and Fight. Question everything and find the truth: Stand up and fight. Don't follow law, do what you want to do: Stand up and fight. Tear it all back down and start anew: Stand up and fight.
EXPLOSIVE PERSONALITY A fucking bomb, strapped to my chest. I will die for this cause. Your defense a bulletproof vest. Push you down hold on tight. In the end I win.
TIME TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE Long fucking drive, pack a bowl now lets ride. I hope this four hour drive in the van seems like one. Someone's rank, this shit is dank, we're all high, its time to fucking grind! Finally here, lets unload the gear. We're just in time, we're next, its time to grind! Grind.
WHORES 'N' SHIT Look at the shit you've done , the shit you've caused, no it wasn't you.
Dudentaug 01:46
DUDENTAUG There's no fucking way we'll make it. Kiss the ground. It's the fucking end. And what is it we'll do? Two kids like us, I guess the jokes on me it's just dead. We're just fucked. What the fuck? I really can't believe we're all dead. This must be some kind of joke. I bet the jokes on me. We're all fucking dead. That sounds pretty cool.
HIPSTER GRINDER You have no fucking cause! Scream all you want, Its all the same, all wasted breath, you are to fucking blame! Pages and pages of ignorant shit. There's thousands like you, gathered in herds, such senseless banters, and meaningless words, there's thousands like you, gathered in herds such senseless banters and meaningless words. Shrieking over whores, can't take any more. How relevant do you think you are? Just give up, we've had enough, you've been fucking music up for long enough. Shrieking over whores.
Fucking Riot 00:52
FUCKING RIOT You know you all want this. Fucking riot in the street.
YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK IT Its like a funeral in the day to day. What the hell would you rather me do? Take a look around your life. Explain. I'd rather tour than rot, make my home a parking lot. Fuck my life if I don't.
A CLOCK WITHOUT A CRAFTSMAN Contaminated by the words of a clone and the charm of a whore. It's irrelevant the system is broke. They'll only force-feed you more. Its automatic. Systematic. Nauseated. Feared and hated. Scabbed and sore. Just propaganda for another war. This machine will never stop as it grinds its fucking gears. On their knees the weak will drop. Can you hear the masses cheer? It's irrelevant as it grinds its fucking gears. As they call your name, can you hear the masses cheer? This machine will never fucking stop. These campaigns will not stop until we've been infected. Gathered all up, cleaned and injected. Fight this fight and tear the monuments down. Exterminate the liars and crush them into the ground.
Slayin' Ass 00:09
SLAYIN' ASS Central Ohio grind, in your fucking face.
YOUR NOT ENTERTAINING What kind of pill will it take to shut you up? Just what are you waiting for? You're becoming such a bore. It's a trap they've set for you. You're not entertaining anymore.
OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF TIME Our ignorance has infected us all. From your TV screen you witness us crawl. You are not superior. We will break your doors down and crush your skull.
NO SERIOUSLY, FUCK IT What the fuck? I'm drunk. Can't stop coughing, smell the skunk. How did I get to this bar? Where's my keys, go start the car. The kid with the fixed gear won't stop. Keeps on staring, think he's a cop? Where'd this come from, who bought this drink? I'm too fucked up, too hard to think. If I say I wanna leave, call me out, make sure I drink more! Drink more.
VIOLENT LIVES ENDING VIOLENTLY We've been hiding in these buildings for close to a month. The thing keeping us alive, is interest in the hunt. One shot, one kill, by the time you see the flash you'll be dead. One shot, one kill I'll be robbing the brains from your fucking head. Panic. Terror. Fully aware. I'll take my shot, it's the only one I've got. Just accept it, just accept your fate. The simple sight of you, makes me fucking irate. I could never grow tired of this, I can only hope for more.
Hiroshima 00:07
HIROSHIMA Guard your eyes, Skies will fall.
Nagasaki 00:09
NAGASAKI Blinding Light and melting flesh.
PUNK ROCK BUSCH LIGHT Morbid Creation, Dripping in shit. Alas, information swallowing shit.
Rip Bongs 00:18
RIP BONGS Rip bongs! Only from the finest pipe. I live my life to fucking smoke, having a 9 to 5 is a fucking joke.


GK#48 c&p 2011 karaoke/bastards


released June 25, 2011

"An End In and of Itself"

Recorded at Paper Tiger Studios with Bobby.
Mastered at Burning Bridge Studios with Joel Lauver.

Jared Langston- Drums
John Thompson- Guitar
Thomas Owens- Guitar
Joel Archibald- Bass
Sean Vandegrift- Vocals

All music by Bastards.
All Lyrics by Sean Vandegift.


all rights reserved



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