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by Girls Names

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CASSIE JUPITER Fuck you Jackie Chan My bloods in me to live Fuck you Jackie Chan Its not in me to give I'm not giving anything to anybody especially my blood It stays inside me I don't fucking care about your goddamn campaign Blood freaks me out So I'm not gonna give it My blood is in me to live You can't tell me what to do with my blood It's mine As long as I don't give any I feel fine When ever I give blood I tend to faint I'll tell you this motherfucker fainting aint great
Enya Brennan 01:47
ENYA BRENNAN Enya started singing in 1980 She gained notoriety in '86 with The Celts Watermark would make her a superstar Urinoco flow Urinoco flow Enya release a record We want a record bad And Winter Came was released in 2008 Its been 4 years since your last record Enya release a record We want a record bad With Nick and Roma she won 4 Grammys She would sell over 80 million records And to this day she has still never toured She lives in a castle She lives in a castle Enya we think you're great Please release a record
VANESA VENGEANCE Jason was only 9 when he drowned at Crystal Lake His mom went and killed all the counselors for revenge She held all of them responsible for letting him drown She kinda had a point because Jason was really slow Jason is a fucking retarded psychopath Jason kept his mothers head on an altar in his shed And for awhile wore a bag over his head He didn't find the hockey mask until he took it from Shelly When he went and killed him in part 3
JELLICA SUDGURY Truths shattering dreams Like sunken ships at sea Lost in mist, fog and trees Wandering aimlessly Dreams shattering truth Like sunken ships at sea Lost in mist you can't see Your wandering aimlessly Everything is falling Everything is crawling Everything is crying Everything is dying Instilling in us a fulfilling sense of unwillingness
DONNA BLENDER (Instrumental)


GK#332 c&p 2012 karaoke/girls names


released December 14, 2012


Recorded in Lucifers Ribcage (Courtice,Ont) using Reason 6.5

Music and artwork by Adam
Words by Adam / Shandra / Emily

Thanks to Jay Randall (for being so cool about our monthly releases) and Satan



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