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Dead Language, Foreign Bodies

by Robocop / Detroit

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PSYCHIC TRANSFERAL Mrs. Hartevelt, I must insist Through the neck like a calf Psychic Transferal The code in the atrocity; The provocation of that which started the clock
FED TO THE WOLVES There's something dead in the heart of America A gross infarction completely devoid of any symbolic meaning Artists and politicians in a circle jerk of semiotics Fed to the fucking wolves
FEMINISM ÜBER ALLES To replace one violence with another; Bonfire of the vanities (genitals) Cyproterone: Jews and Artists Dianic Fundamentalism Restoration of moral order Residue of phallogocentrism; This is the last time we're cleaning up after you "The male, like disease, has always existed And yet, when genetic control is possible..."
ROOM 641A A thousand points of input every nerve is screaming Fission or Fusion Convergence at a central point The system of wires withers as parasites rot Still extended from you The medium reverses its inclination Every night I dream my insides are flaking off from radiation and I'm burning this state to the ground Keep the gas mask next to the thorazine Crawl through the fields and watch the globes in formation Maine is the fucking bastard
ZAPRUDER FRAME 265 Hand movement describes a circle Moving slowly outwards Space defined as lower densities of information Blurred reduction to geometry I swear I've seen that face before
WORD VIRUS Clandestine tower of sexual code The genetic language inscribed Invocation of the Nam-Shub A virus the color of the sky above The language of simultaneity giving way to venereal network The extension of the central nervous system The opening of the legs of the mind "Manson was clearly a transmitter of the meta-language, black centipede of symbolism" We build an ever-evolving maze of Babel The divergent spell "Ah, Doctor Austin‚" What do you think of them? I see there's a war in Hell"
PILLS When you said you wouldn’t see us I believed you It doesn’t affect me, it leaves me with nothing Months ago just let go Like fargo, just chop the bodies, red snow doesn’t stop me ever Love all you can for the rest of your life
ARIZONA What’s your fucking name? No where, no one No where, no one, no love No where, no one, no hope
DAY AFTER DAY Just color my world with whatever you can find Blow it across my eyes Let it plug to die, plus to diesels out with fire, because I had nothing of yours and you have nothing of mine Plush to make me feel nothing Nothing at all Let the bleeding stand tall
WAKE UP Wake up for the last time in your light Wait for your time of day, when it’ll all fall, it’ll all fall, out down and out right? No it’s just a dream
MULES We work hard, and we take what isn’t ours, like a mule in the field, we must fight for our meals Get me, get me out of this place and free me from disgrace But you, you have come from disgrace, from disgrace Don’t ask why, just pass by We work hard
INTO YOU (Jennifer Lopez cover, not our lyrics) You, I’m into you When I look into your eyes it’s over, hooked Like a four leaf clover, something that I could not get over Got me hooked like a love controller
PUSHER Break a leg for your dad, burst a lung for your mom Do us proud Stand out loud Sticks and stones are only thrown at strictly non-believers homes


GK#214 c&p 2012 karaoke/robocop/detroit


released May 10, 2012

"Dead Language, Foreign Bodies"

Tracks 1-6 by Robocop
Recorded by Luke Abbot in Minsky Hall at the University of Maine. Additional recording by Luke Abbot and Ryan Page. Saxophone solo on "Feminism Über alles" by Joshua Marshal, engineered by Nicholas Wang at The Center For Contemporary Music at Mills College. Cover art by Sin-Eater (sin-eater.tumblr.com). Layout for digital booklet by Josh Fotheringham. Additional artwork by Luke Physioc. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Luke Abbott and Ryan Page. All songs by Robocop except "Zapruder Frame 265" contributed by J. Randall. Blender on "Zapruder Frame 265" by Leah Abbott.

Robocop is Luke, Ryan, Tom



Tracks 7-13 by Detroit
Recorded by Derek Örthner

Detroit is Rhys, Emmett, Isaac



all rights reserved



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