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Dha (Two)

by Ablach

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MacPhee 01:18
MACPHEE MacPhee / Scotland's last great outlaw / Enlisted against his will / Rebel? Thief? Murderer? / With a conscious for his fellow men / Evaded authorities / From Spain home to Glengarry / Where he took wife and island as his own / There he raised a family, living the crofters way / Remaining armed, alert, aware / Authorities turned a blind eye / Legend grew, folklore spread / Rich bought the land, planting seeds of discontent / Action taken, reaction made / Resistance shown, eventual capture then death. Exp: Ewan MacPhee (1785-1850), outlaw, known as Scotland's last bandit. With little choice, MacPhee was enlisted into the army by his laird, MacDonnell of Glengarry, at the time of the Napoleonic Wars and it was not long before he deserted. This being a capital offence, he took to the hills. He was arrested, but escaped and spent the remainder of his life on a small island in Loch Quoich. He lived by poaching, keeping goats and selling his home-distilled whisky. He kidnapped a young girl to become his wife, carrying her on his back over the hills. However, the couple lived happily and she bore him several children. In the latter part of the 1840s, MacPhee increasingly took to stealing sheep from neighbours, on one occasion leaving his tracks in the snow as clear evidence. Two sheriff officers who tried to row across to MacPhee's island to investigate were shot at by his wife (MacPhee was away at the time). A week later the authorities returned in greater strength, and arrested MacPhee after tallow and skins were discovered hidden on his island. MacPhee was imprisoned to await trial in Fort William where, shortly afterwards, he died of Cholera before the trial.
Witch's Hole 00:27
WITCH'S HOLE The Witch's Hole / Unexpected, unrecorded, natural forces / Dragging all that floats above, down / Fatal, Witch's Hole / 100 Miles to the East / Methane erupts from the deep / Here an unknown wreck lies flat / It's demise and victims a mystery / Deadly, Witch's Hole. Exp: 100 miles off the coast of Aberdeen lies the Witch's Hole a 300m wide depression caused by methane gas escaping from beneath the seabed. A few years ago, scientists studying the Witch's Hole discovered the wreck of an early 20th century steam trawler. Submersible camera equipment showed that the trawler was sitting upright, undamaged, and with her nets still streamed, right in the centre of the hole. Experts say it was almost certainly doomed by methane gas bubbling from the sea bed there. The rising gas reduced the density of the sea water so much that the boat couldn't stay afloat. It disappeared down the gas hole like car keys dropped in the harbour.
FROM TILLYDRONE TO OBLITERATION Our pride is lost through your shameful actions / Anti-English rants and discrimination / Anglophobic posture (with) persistent antagonism / Tartan macho man a disgrace to his own nation / Age old bigotry, leave it as history, lets move on / Beaten to the floor / A crime, his nationality? / Bystander castigated with brutality / Time to reflect on attitudes / Abandon age old prejudices / That tarnish our identity / Bring forth acceptance & diversity / Unaware we're in the 21st century / Nothing more than infantile mentality / Get a fucking grip you bigoted fuck! Exp: Racism masked as historic rivalry is still racism and as such is unacceptable within modern society.
FIAN WARRIORS Sleeping / Warriors wait in the cave / Awaken, Battle of Sheriffmuir / Stalls, in each one a sleeping horse / There, hung a sword and a horn / Horn was blown / Startled warriors / Rose, prepared themselves for bloody war / Through chaos, booming voice of a man / Woe to, the coward ever he was born / Did not, draw the sword 'fore he blew the horn. Exp: There is an ancient legend that an army of sleeping warriors is waiting in a cave in the Eildon Hills until the day comes when all Gaeldom shall rise against its oppressors. Sir Walter Scott related the following story in his 'Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft', "The story has often been told, of a daring horse-jockey having sold a black horse to a man of venerable and antique appearance, who appointed the remarkable hillock upon Eildon hills, called the Lucken-hare, as the place where at twelve o'clock at night, he should receive the price. He came, his money was paid in ancient coin, and he was invited by his customer to view his residence. The trader in horses followed his guide in the deepest astonishment through several long ranges of stalls, in each of which a horse stood motionless, while an armed warrior lay equally still at the charger's feet. "All these men", said the wizard in a whisper, "will awaken at the battle of Sheriffmuir". At the extremity of this extraordinary depot hung a sword and a horn, which the prophet pointed out to the horse-dealer as containing means of dissolving the spell. The man in confusion took the horn and attempted to wind it. The horses instantly started in their stalls, stamped, and shook their bridles, the men arose and clashed their armour, and the mortal, terrified by the tumult he had excited, dropped the horn from his hand. A voice like that of a giant, louder even than the tumult around, pronounced these words: "Woe to the coward that ever he was born that did not draw the sword before he blew the horn". A whirlwind expelled the horse-dealer from the cavern, the entrance to which he could never find again".
Child Slaves 01:13
CHILD SLAVES Child slaves / Prepubescent erased / Abduction, the fate of the unchecked / Children, captured and put to sea / Servitude, living indentured / Slavery, in the new world / Far and wide, with governed approval / We were torn, from what was / Home then sold, purely for profit / Blood runs cold. Exp: In the 18th Century it was common practice for villains to kidnap young boys, aged from 6 years to teenagers, and sell them into indentured slavery abroad, usually to America. Listing; An act performed by Press Gangs, endorsed by all authorities and fuelled by the pressure to meet demands incurred by Britain obtaining a monopoly in the supply of slaves to the Spanish Colonies (via the "Treaty of Utrecht" in 1713). Peter Williamson from Hirnlay in Aboyne was one such victim of listing in 1743. He was born in 1730 and in 1740 he went to Aberdeen to live with his Aunt. Three years later, whilst innocently playing at the harbour quayside, he was accosted by two men and taken to a barn in nearby Torry. He was later shipped to the New World on a ship called The Planter, commanded by Captain Robert Ragg.
CHRISTIE OF THE CLEEK Christie of the Cleek / Under the reign of David / Lay a burnt & devastated land / Full of misery and desolation / Despair & absolute famine / Amongst the hills, the destitute gathered and weakened / Amongst the hills, their morals etiolated / A leader emerged / By the name of Christie / When one passed away / He made the decision to eat / Once devoured, when hunger returned / A lot was cast, for the greater good / A woman sacrificed, the group nourished / Ready once again to hunt, headed to the mountain pass / Murder took place / A traveller on foot / A hammer to the head / Another sacrifice for the greater good? / From starving, to feasting / Morals, etiolating / From starving, to feasting / The process, repeated / Christie of the Cleek / An army assembled, and took to their cavern / Many were captured, but Christie escaped / From then on he lived clean and renamed / Till on his deathbed, his secrets unleashed. Exp: Christie of the Cleek, a legendary Scottish cannibal, somewhat in the vein of the better-known Sawney Bean. According to folklore, his real name was Andrew Christie, a Perth butcher. During a severe famine in the mid-fourteenth century, Christie joined a group of scavengers in the foothills of the Grampians. When one of the party died of starvation, Christie put his skills to work on the corpse, and provided his companions with a ready meal. The group obviously developed a taste for human flesh as, under Christie's leadership, they began to ambush travellers on the passes of the Grampians, feeding on their bodies and those of their horses. It is alleged that before attacking, Christie would haul his victims from their mounts with a hook on a rod, this implement was the 'cleek' (i.e. 'crook') from which he took his sobriquet. Thirty riders apparently died at Christie's hands. Eventually the company were defeated by an armed force from Perth, except for Christie himself, who supposedly escaped and re-entered society under a new name.
SLAYING BASTARDS For lyrics see the 'Cruel' album by Phobia.
Dún Fother 01:43
DÚN FOTHER Once a fearsome stronghold / Built from an outcrop of sandstone / Over the centuries turned to ruin / Though its past is far from forgotten / Used as a prison / To crush the rebellion / Seaside stockade / Dún Fother / Incarcerated / Interrogated / Some swore allegiance / Given bonds for good conduct / Others sent Northwards / To outside Cala na Creige / Upon arrival they were locked in a dark room / Get away / 25 tried to get away / Escape / 15 recaptured / Lashed to low benches / Tortured for hours / With hot burning embers / Once the threat was over / Those still alive were deported / Sent across the seas / To help increase the empire. Exp: Dún Fother is the original name for Dunnotar Castle based just outside Stonehaven (Cala na Creige) not far from Aberdeen. In 1685, 122 men and 45 women from across Scotland were imprisoned in the cellar of this castle (The Whig's Vault) for refusing to accept the episcopalian style of church which King Charles imposed upon Scotland. Initial numbers of protesters to this imposure had been far higher yet many chose to swear allegiance after arrest rather than face prison. Conditions for the prisoners were grim, the cellar had no sanitation, was water logged and food / water were scarce. They were held from the 24th May until the end of July 1685. 37 finally took the oath of allegiance, 25 escaped, though 15 were recaptured and horribly tortured and 2 died during the escape. Five more died during their imprisonment. Those who would not sign were deported to the West Indies; 70 of them died on the voyage. The names of the 167 men and women are listed at the castle.
FALIN AT DAWN Daybreak approaching ever faster / Forging unknown deadly paths / Dwelling upon Highland crags / This mythical spirit-Lurks in the dark / Falin / Unknown form / Haunting me / Where he’s walked / I’m blind to see / Falin / Unknown form / Haunting me / Where he’s walked / Means death to me / Falin at Dawn. Exp: A Scottish mountain demon haunting Glen Aven. He had a head twice as large as his body and inhabited the highest crags of the mountains. This was a dangerous spirit having no natural form and appearing very occasionally. He was only seen about the break of day and any creature who crossed the track along which he had been, before the sun had shone on it to dispel his evil, was doomed to certain death!
ANSTANDSREVOLTENAUFRUF (Deutsch) Höflichkeit wird groß geschrieben / Wahrheit gleicht sich schmiegsam an / Alles wird hier übertrieben / Bitte, danke dann und wann / Etikette untermauert unsere stärke / Wohlerzogen gehen wir in sicherheit / Kreativität, ummauert / Unser leben, übermauert / Zermauert, unsere freiheit / Bringt uns ödnis, immer / Presslufthammerfreitag! / Sie geben mir ‘ne Tür und ich / Zertrümmer mir mein hirn / Zucker, das süße, betäubende / Taatlich verordnete glück / Ignoranz wird groß geschrieben / Kritik gleicht sich schmiegsam an / Alles wird hier übertrieben / Anmut? Stell dich hinten an! Decency Revolution Appeal (English): Politeness capitalized / Truth leans merging on it / Everything over the top here / Please, thank you now and then / Decency the foundation of our power / Well behaved we walk in security / Creativity, in walls / Our life, under walls / Our freedom, shaped by walls / Brings us boredom, always / Pneumatic drill Friday! / They give me a door and I / Drill down my brain / Sugar, sweet, mind numbing, government given pleasure / Ignorance capitalized / Criticism leans merging on it / Everything over the top here / Nobleness? Go queuing! Exp: It faces two main problems, exaggerated false politeness and escapism. Some people feel superior, if they know how to talk posh and what spoon to use at the dinner table. They become arrogant. So we look up to them and copy them. But so we build our own prison of mind. There are so many rules how to behave, even how to move, what phrases to use, e.g. not to offend anyone or to impress people, that it imprisons creativity, thus the whole life, thus freedom. From all the walls we make, we get bored and need somewhere to escape. So, here comes the weekend, noisy, destructive, mind fucking like a pneumatic drill. The government and the public accept the outbreak through drugging, gives a 'door'. It is even beneficial for the government, because people don’t care about politics, if they have their hands full with worrying about their daily lives. So the state encourages distraction, gives 'sugar', so as charity events, public holidays, historical remembrance days and appeals. People tend to feel comfortable, if they don’t have to feel responsible for others, don’t criticize any more, ignore public issues. The last line “everything over the top here” refers to the weekend blast and that even ladies lose their nobleness, when they loosen their decency. At the beginning, the same line means exaggerated politeness. (Explanation, Lyrics and Vocals by Anika Patzold).
LOSS AND GAIN They came first & deprived us / Of our freedom, to fight, to protect / Things were moving, improving / Better cannon and new ways of killing / The tacksmen exiled / And the chiefs with the love of gold / But the mountains remained / And the deer were still on Creag Uanach / They came and took away / Our means with the land / We kept the ties with earth / Scraping a living / They came and gave us / New education, new equipment / No need left for crofts / But the mountains remained / They deprived us of the ancient knowledge / The old tales of the old ways / Our heritage and in their place they put / New songs to make a new heart / They gave us cars, supermarkets / Gear without end, development boards / Fish farms, shellfish farms / Deer farms, nuclear power / Electric light, water on tap / Visitors, people who stay / People who stay, people who frequent / They came and gave us / But the mountains will remain / They gave us money / All the city's mod cons / Sin and grace / Rubbish and polluted water / Great wide roads through the glens / They found what they sought / Nature enslaved and power / Over life and death / A finger on the button, like a god! / Isn't it wonderful how well you have done? / But the mountains will remain. Exp: An adaptation of the poem 'Loss & Gain' by Maoilios Caimbeul.
The Harvest 01:01
THE HARVEST From the womb, seeds are planted / What can you achieve? What can you be? / Educated cultivated, ready for the harvest / Pressure builds, nerves in tatters / Daily grind, trivial matters / Bleeding apathy, into uncertainty / Educated, cultivated, ready for the harvest / Feeling tired, disenchanted / When does the harvesting stop? Exp: From the day we are born most people are pushed in a certain direction, put to school, taught a certain way and encouraged to choose a career, similar to cultivating and harvesting a crop. This song addresses feelings of frustration and discontent regarding this way of life.
BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA For lyrics see the 'A Holocaust in Your Head' album by Extreme Noise Terror.


GK#67 c&p 2011 karaoke/ablach


released August 4, 2011

"DHA (Two)"

Tracks 01-07 recorded at Seagate Studios, Dundee – Spring 2010. Tracks 08-12 recorded at Captain Toms, Aberdeen – Summer 2009. Track 13 recorded live at Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen – 26/06/09. Additional mastering on tracks 08-13 by Jason Rees. Carcass artwork and band caricature by Greg Fisher. Logo by Stiv V.O.W. Photos by Tom Werr. Ablach are: Aaron, Al-B, Andy G, Bazz, Calum and Mitch. Cheers/Slainte Mhath to those who deserve it, you know who you are...

Web: www.myspace.com/ablach

Email: ablachgrind@hotmail.co.uk


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