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Eater of Children

by Horse's Sinews

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EATER OF CHILDREN Night Terrors Screeching from hollow chambers An open closet shifts with squeaking doors Portals within a violet suction tube I feel them crawling Like lightning craquelure Waiting for them to come Standing besides my bed With open eyes in a dark-blue night Summer winds stroking my sweat Smells of blooming trees in a bizarre sea and then I see the clouds assemble storming down towards me Screaming for dawn to come Brain Matter Stained Suicide is too less I crave for them to feel my bodily fluids against the wall, running from their cheeks as they stare in horror Brain matter stained hair The stench must be awful Thirsting for Intimacy With open legs I embrace my instincts Disgusted by the motions Humidity adheres to my hide The look on her face reminding me of children Animalistic Mutilation Can’t you see those beady eyes longing for life Your hand rubbing lifeless feathers I remember that one time Grieving for death Frozen stiff What a sight to behold Natural death can be so enigmatic Rendezvous Is it wrong not to miss her? To have desires for polygamous disintegration Bereave myself of right and wrong I want to feel what’s underneath Feel her inside See what’s so deep inside City of Reclusion Deserted structures Arcane design Architectural decay No place for modern man Covered in misty quagmires In strokes of black ink Sumi-e caricatures A city of reclusion where none will find beauty nor utility An open grain field underneath an approaching storm Waiting for death Ankou Memory Craft The lonely paths on which we wander are littered with bliss A hedonist view on a person I never knew tries to manifest With a sickening feeling I will try to do what’s best Both directions will someday adjust to neutrality Making up for a bland history And though I’ve never been happy a stranger awaits to take over And his fingers will grasp my Adam’s apple and squeeze me a road to heaven Human Helix Product of a taste for new beauty Withering sense for ethics Degeneration Human carrion as a work of sculpture What a moronic thought to label your work as art Nothing new A new state of perception loose from all definition Coiling flesh The next step Dark Sonar An echoing bass pounding into my eardrums vibrating through my spine with arrhythmic frequency Moaning strokes of jealousy I’d wish for them to leave my head But I still hear the drums sounding through the walls Yellow Veins In a restless place she rests her head with curling flowers on white pillows Her fingers crawl along the cold steel bars with discord Attaching themselves like suckers With rippled expressions and dimming pupils She died on that warm April night but I know now that she had never been alive And when she rested her head I could still hear the ice cream jingle from blocks away Fleshbinder Her movements mesmerize me Her eyes make me want to engage I feel the effects in my bowels streaming into my lower parts She binds my flesh with hers and I struggle But I want to feel her writhing movements inside of me Shifting of Seasons It’s been months In the isolating cold nothing seems the same Will I take the change? But that takes so much Time Now I sit here again Taking the time To take the change And when this season ends You’ll find me staring Here again Holloway Elevated patch that used to cut deep into the earth Where have you gone? I like to think I wished that I would someday dance with roots spurting from your arms Giving head to your bowels beneath Climbing Vines Climbing vines Hug the trees I once sat underneath I see their limbs reaching out There’s little for them to hold on to in the loneliness of the sun They will soon fall; their age undone To unite with the very loneliness they were born from Horse’s Silhouette With every step taken The lights define your shape so clearly Green, hollow lights shine throughout the fog Your silhouette into the black Much like a woman you stroke with elegance I wonder if you pant the same way Maybe even leave for the same reasons Never were you so magnetic The Maw It’s been a year No, longer A kiss that ended in misery then back In euphoria Fluctuation until we die What if she dies first? Will she wait for me? Or will I refuse to? And when I visit her tombstone will her epitaph consume me? Or will the soil take me in? Romance is a maw much like death I can’t wait for it to devour me Murderspout In the trenches of cognizance I can feel I want them dead But they’ll always be alive Somehow Memory phantoms and names on the will Picture them in yours In your trenches Lifeless Blood spouting from their orifices like fountains Dancing Dancing and crawling Until their flesh crawls With the children of flies Dancing Ashen Willow His tendril hair hangs down Hundreds died And he felt them Now he mourns By the stone of ages stands a tree of plagues Of aegis And I go there I feel him asking “Who mourns there?” He has bathed in their ashes He will bathe in mine Festering Orange Spirits trapped in a late June breeze A feline warrior His shape deteriorated and bones went deep into the earth His breathing ceased A festering orange His elegance is never lost It never will Solitary Animal Not born for love Or anyone else Accidents in a shady past with a bleak present and a fluorescent future Now I’m a solitary animal Walk not with me The skies move against the grain As you won’t see I’m not myself around people No longer the animal but a member of the two-piece pack I want to wake up alone Because one is company enough Two is jail rape No longer wake up For everyone will die alone Her Younger Self There she slept with remorse Under the veil of the gathering darkness The mist descents in between the concrete trees and willows beyond Lost with the tears on her cushions The nightmares that slept with the phantoms of her recollection And there she turned her back to the sound sex And she went there again Lost with sex Lost without sex Director’s Cut You’re a piece of vile intent Depicting women as cowardly sex objects I wish for my screenplay to ondulate on its way to you For it’d be the perfect Ironic snuff Who wouldn’t want to see you get raped by your own tongue Body Merchant Love for money Vultures for profit Trading bodies For drugs They’re faceless but remember their eyes well; for they won’t look the same when someone launches his fingers into them He smiled at me with an expiration date shining through his teeth Misogynist Corruptor Die a horrible death Unsex Pull the vision from my mind Mute the coldness in my ears I know the screen wasn’t depicting anything real But I know they enjoyed her beauty being destroyed A challenge to her Money to others Orgasms for few Repulsion for this lonely watcher Devouring Men They all look the same They smell and taste Bad “Mommy, I don’t want to play” There’s a silent urge waiting for the mind to break And it will surge It will surge Conducted through a blade or gun It will shatter their skulls Like neuron bombs devouring flowers It will surge Personal Weaponry Holding her emotions Tightly in a fist They say eyes are the deflections of a black hole That’s why I can’t keep getting into her head Espionage satellite Personal MK Ultra These words won’t hurt her beyond these wards But these thoughts torture me I heard Guantanamo Bay never closed down And All She Touched Withered That smile is so familiar Almost like a black-red Moon With a gaze like a barrel of a twelve-gauge leaving ecstatic entry wounds that boil with sorrow and fester with relapse Now I remember The flowers of that time and the rain Downpour from Canadian clouds They’re not the same anymore They withered, soured That smile is so familiar I should never have stripped her Naked With that gaze like a barrel Leaving woeful exit wounds Childless Mother My apologies are yours Not bonding I’m all grown up now No longer the child you once smothered inside those bony hands Now you lost me in time and in the ever-expanding dark A childless mother But that’s okay No one can hear me cry six feet under Hair Sorceress With one arm stuck in the day The other in perpetual night Merit in her words That spoke of the troubles she endured Apathy between bliss and panic Her hair grew from her bones with every breath She screamed Every inch was a pound of misery Bewildering Thorny braids Enveloping the neck She once kissed Snorting Decay Insights are overrated So is reality So is yours Barely accustomed to this One Mountains moved and stood by the twisted charade disrythmic digitalis convulsing to the flailing frequencies Inviting substances into their own I would be at the door of their bedrooms Sniffing and snorting From the aromatized sensual fluids Their liquid ecstasy Every Walking Mile There’s a crack in the pavement And foundations are about to collapse The yellow fireflies shine brightly In distant meadows Yellow machines Call it what you will Walking in circles Suddenly the world became Beautiful Miss Conduct Daphne’s eyes were set on mature men She told me to stop crying While I dreamt of her lying in fragments She told me to stop staring “Stop smiling” Bleeding Trees Knife carvings in the bark Dogs echoing through the fog and moonlit dusk There was but one The constant As old as my time immemorial Smoke reigned supreme The moon began to fold up again The bark began to shatter and the barking shattered my ears Ultraserene Dressed in blue lighting Ultramarine Ultraserene Oversaturated It pets my eyes I used to know so much Care so much Nineties Graveyard Thinking back of 99 There’s a charm to the town fair August is the month of its death How I wished they would all die Orange lights don’t govern the streets everywhere Funny how nostalgia can really kill a stomach It’s green, many a time like grass It won’t be long until it turns yellow I never had cotton candy before Heads don’t explode in the arcades anymore Animal Magnetism Picture her With fuchsia earrings Standing naked with her clothed Skin stripped from her bones A myriad of mating millipedes burrowing from deep inside her skull When a relationship so akin to a sister’s turns into a reproductive ritual similar to plants our pudenda cease to be entwined from miles away You’ll hear me biting your tongue in my Sleep You’ll see me watching you die In your dreams I wish I could redeem you from your Chemical hypersleep Body Geography Fingers like conquistadores in sunken continents She’s an open desert A salt valley inhospitable to life Her mountains have been climbed I’ll be the first to sail her oceans Smiling For the first time in years So sincere So justified Yet it seems too philosophised Muscles twitch at the pulse of laughter, exposing the teeth; The last thing you’ll see before swimming into the predator’s belly Lurker In The Rain “Hear the smell; taste the view” Humming a faux-ballad His tongue adhering to the window Suckling heavy rain from the glass He got off at her screams whilst her father dialled the number Custodians in costume found stains in his pants “Take the bastard away” Little did they know he liked to rape her himself August Colors They’re almost grinning with their fingers in my eyes The rocking before the train wreck At least I’ll be somewhere Wherever the winds carry me All that’s written in petrified remains is that there will be fossilized remnants Once again Exhume my recollection just thoroughly enough to find august’s colors Muted out The Orchard Wishes to share these demons unto others Thieving, we can only do during autumn For now, let’s sit here Speaking romance of environment and trivial sex amidst insecticides Even though the beetles will die without Sit with me Between pesticide-infested apples Thieving, we can do when you get hungry Please just be my conjoined twin Severed Tide Mental obstruction My fingers are comatose I’d speak my mind So articulately So eloquently But you give me no incentive You’re energy is like a broken ocean Like a dead moon Pulling no tides Bring me to the sea where we can speak again Peat Field If the road, not destination, is important Why are we stuck here and not moving on to anything better The tree’s age rings are as stress lines on my nails Walking in circles If this is purgatory I’d rather be in hell At least I’d feel something there Never stare into the water, they said But what’s the difference between the black of the deep, the void above horizons You’ve stared into both before You found me staring back at you Neon Greys When the crickets start whispering I’ll find myself here again Lost between concrete pillars Where the asphalt radiates with neon greys I’ll run home To the netherscapes And I’ll remain there Until my blood stains the wheat grass Gastronomy How can we kill and turn death into something aesthetic? Plants and beasts alike We consume life and call it art It’s beautiful Disgusting Masks There’s a wormhole Behind those eyes of yours Hiding behind your tongue If you’re wearing a mask, it must be translucent It feels like you just reassembled your skin If you ever had any to begin with Phantom Eye Pulsating behind the eyes A crown of cluster headaches Perception is so limited when your stress is so leveled I want to cut through my iris Touch my mind’s eye Autophagist Have you ever tasted your own aroma First my nails Then my wrists Next up, my shoulders I’ll disappear Quench an insatiable hunger for suicide Texture Fetisj Lick the fissures off the lips And suck the pus out of the wounds Freckles like mold on hide drenched in milk Picking teeth with hair resembling bristles feels like electrodes wrapping around my nerves But the motion sickness from rubbing the sheets I’ll tell you It’s so sweet Crestfallen Angel she sat there in the corner of the darkened bedroom her head hanging down in a basket of limbs her hair was as dead as the june bugs that lay underneath her she opened her wings before me I knew I was going to die she lifted her head up I saw the contours of her numbed lips and her whitish purple hollow eyes haunted me for the remainder of my days she gave birth to my fears I was the father of her sorrows


GK#265 c&p 2012 karaoke/horse's sinews


released August 21, 2012

"Eater of Children"

Words and sounds by Owen Swerts.


all rights reserved



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