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KEIJI INAFUNE CREATED MEGA MAN BECAUSE HE'S A FUCKING PEDO 5 yr old cos-players in woolen helmets I don't know if you should be doing that shit He's watching Behind the giant Gundam at the Bandai booth I've seen him He looks like Dr. Light And Dr Light was always suspect anyway C'mon now Really? Why do you think all those other child robots broke up Out of there anyway? He's worse than a catholic priest New sequel on virtual console Lock up your children Get chris hansen on the line [He probably did]
AND WHERE IS CAPTAIN COMMANDO? ...HE'S AT HOME WASHING HIS TIGHTS The story about Basing Guy from Final Fight on Guy from Fugazi is just a made up story to look hip [Read about it on Wikipedia. Is it true?!?!?]
WILL LET YOU MAKE SHITTY FILMS OF OUR GAMES FOR FOOD Nevermind selling discs, cartridges and consoles Selling popcorn is where it's at Put down your controller And go pay 8 bucks for snacks Hollywood's out of ideas too Come borrow from our lack of ideas You don't have to redraw actors Milla will play the same role again and again and again look, this time she's nekkid Your little brother shouldn't be playing the games,but don't worry We'll make sure he can come see this bullshit And when the producers tell us it'll never sell tickets We'll just say "you've lost your balls" [2 awful Street Fighter movies, 3 awful Resident Evil movies, what's next?]
SUPER TURBO ULTIMATE CHAMPION EDITION VS. HYPER DUAL SHOCK FINAL We decide We decide Who's worthy of mediocrity We decide We decide Who's unworthy of our legacy of mediocrity [We get annoyed when the new street fighter doesn't come out for our console. . . but are we REALLY missing anything?]
HEY, IT'S NOT RACIST IF THEY'RE ALREADY DEAD Whatchagonnado when the activists come for you? Cave in like Dr. Wily's Castle To their empty threats Oversensitive crying over spilled pixels You know they'll never be satisfied [People were up in arms over Hispanic zombies and then black zombies in the resident evil games. . . nevermind where they took place. . . ]
I'M TOO TIRED TO REDRAW THESE SPRITES, LET'S JUST USE THE OLD ONES Running out of ideas Running out of time Stuck in the past And the futures too bright Change the voice Change the color of his gi Give him a bigger fireball Give him a bigger fireball Do a barrel roll [This song in particular is taking the piss out of them for not redrawing the sprites in their 2-D fighters for 5 years or more]
MILLENIUM FAIL DREAM MATCH FOREVER To build a bitchier boss A boss that cannot die No matter what kind of flashy super combo is thrown at it Corporate buyout or none It rises from the dead Devouring those who forgot The future was years ago Blood Riot [SNK have always been better than Capcom, and now that they're gone ("SNK/Playmore" is NOT SNK) -their legacy is remains!]
Toim to Hant 00:16
TOIM TO HANT [...a flashback to better days]


GK#30 c&p 2011 karaoke/khr


released May 3, 2011

"Fuck Capcom"

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual is one guy named Cory Monster (or 3 guys named Cory Monster, or a guy who isn't Cory and Zombie Ninja Schmoe . . whichever you want to believe)

Recorded in the summer of 2009 in the basement.

Front cover design by Cory Monster 2009.

Digital booklet concept and design by J. Randall and Cory Monster in April 2011.

Special thanks to J. Randall and Philip Acevedo.

Download includes bonus track: "I Ain't Sayin' Grrl Gamers are Gold diggers. . . .Oh Wait, Yes I Am"


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