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Fuck Your Scene

by Nohari

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Slugnose 01:53
SWALLOWED WHOLE Turned to dust, ash. No flesh left behind... Only the caps on our teeth, the diamonds we worship. Remnants of our kind. History was erased before our very eyes... You never saw it coming, with your eyes opened wide. Death by a thousand paper-cuts... Turned to dust. Death by a thousand paper-cuts.
BACKWARDS LOBOTOMY All mixed up and sealed for re-entry. Take me in the morning, but don't it ever, ever stop? The sun decays. Shrivels up my skin. I need to control but, I need to control. It'll be worth it in the end, I swear. It hurts to breathe. Colors drip down into a puddle as the ceiling caves down upon me. It's always darker as the ground grows closer. I need to, I need to fucking control! I need to, I need to fucking control! I need to, I need to fucking control! Catalyst.
Inheritance 02:03
INHERITANCE Grind my teeth to dust, to powder. Your profile, skin and hair. Grind my teeth to dust, to powder. Your profile skin and... Stripped away from the cover of your own shattered ego. Stripped away to cover you becoming another. I wonder how it feels. I wander all alone. I wonder how it feels to live inside your chasm of lies. Crush your bones. Inheritance. Insufflate the remnants. To gain wisdom, drink your blood. Inherit your weakness and blindness. Inheritance, Inheritance, Inheritance, Inheri-fucking-tance. Inheritance, Inheritance, Inheritance, Inheri-fucking-tance. Place my corpse upon the altar. Read my lips now "no one is listening".
CHOKING ON VOMIT I swing between nihilism and existence, like the freshly deceased in a noose hung from the beams of a decrepit tabernacle. Anonymous is my name, Anonymous is my name, Anonymous is my name. My eyes flood with life and death simultaneously. Seemingly out of nowhere black matter arranges an invisible landscape of beautiful decadence, out of reach and all around... (breathing) us. Speak to your god head, ape lord, in tongues long forgotten; found only within the depths of our inner iris core. Between tomorrow and yesterday, purgatory, purgatory; between now and eternity, heaven. Lead you all to slaughter as I ghost your destiny. Destiny. Destiny. Life is hell even when your bellies full while the truth is requited to keep us from vomiting.


GK#46 c&p 2011 karaoke/nohari


released June 20, 2011

"Fuck Your Scene"

Mike Haner - Guitar, Bass, Songs
Bradley Cook - Vocals, Drums, Production
Will Turner - Vocals (WIP)



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