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01. THE PERISH OF THE ELOHIM (00:01) Instrumental 02. OBSTACLES (01:36) p.WRECKS: An opposition, an opponent, lets all be obstacles/ It's like here go burn this CD of beats for me I'll be back in a few minutes/ With this drive on a mic like we're in the 90's, sike/ I'm a serrated blade her and I are Symmetric edged beings/ magnetic atoms contract on contact/ manipulate cardiac like parameciums/ this asexual multiplication of emcees is pathetic to me/ I paratrooper pest control like condoms/ invest composure when attending sessions/ No need for extensions Hold out for a minute/ then grenades explode days of old told that after the first trigger pulled/ then dead in 13 seconds/ His hatred to be mentioned in legends/ Hate suppressed in text but it's spilling out/ now need the change of scenery need some greenery/ a change of direction, like a Cashed hit passed through lips/ and it's chilling through 58's blister of 58 oblongs but the dogs are hungry/ Lethargic sob song but devoured this beat like a mouth full of helicopter blades/ lets all be Obstacles the economy is awful the chemical toxins will make oxygen/ taxable for sure 03. NIGHTWATCH (03:06) p.WRECKS: Disturbed easily from sleeping/ while she dreams I creep down the staircase/ Seeking a deep beat to breach with my lyrics like untrained infantry men manning the m-60's/ I'll let the snare hits fire off time til they overheat/ Then go over their cover/ the instrumental better duck and cover/ surrendering at my feet/ Actually resistance is futile/ I attack like a marine/ buried bayonets into the now cadavers where the soldiers guarding the loop used to be/ Combative gruesome mooded since movement through the dunes like wavs of frequency retreating from the ruin/ in a hot july moon your doom comes in the form of a booming bass drum/ The one, None know where he comes from is on the horizon and he approaches from the shadows/ gradually picking the bars apart one by one til none or left/ Art brutality what's the difference?/ It's the same self destructive mission/ Pen charcoal paintbrush/ machete grenade machine gun/ The blank canvas is the enemy I pull the trigger on/ on the daily/ Now lets all escape that mentality/ I object the military making memories of children disappearing/ Here me? enlist and it's your freedom/ Stay individual/ Those 4 years can take a lot out of a person/ Murdering innocent civilians tripping an explosion and getting both your legs blown off for a government you barely believe in/ Can you feel the fear? / But don't believe everything you hear/ Be weary of various outlets of domestication and methods of commercial communication/ Oprah Winfrey can make anyone a millionaire/ But I'm just trying to fill my piggy bank/ Just trying to live a journey/ Maybe, ending up on that gurney with collapsed lungs was the worst thing that could ever happen to me/ maybe, ending up on that gurney with collapsed lungs was the best thing that could ever happen to me 03. GOD OF GUILLOTINES (05:43) p.WRECKS: God is a guillotine/ When you sneeze you got the plague/ Well god bless you cop a quad shot/ shot snot rockets of chocolate/ taste the dirt clods/ and I hope the nicotine's got your back bro/ Blast the brackets of your black lung when back spun/ Coaxes Unbroken un-noticed focus outspoken in a world grotesque/ and the dripping text is growing til there is no use in turning back/ MC's keep trying to earn some kind of merit badge/ it's sad really/ I'm still numb with dignity like did he mean me/ Yes you're whack/ caress the track like snuff films and break the larynx tearing out the esophagus/ This is just about as soft as I get/ Nod your head/ with chops like my god is a guillotine/ Now lets see how many times we can blink before we hit the ground/ I set the record/ just press record when I have the need to rape a beat like a diseased whore/ Like what the fuck's the need for peace? I force inverted forks through the circular structures/ No need to impede to kill the noise/ My pills destroy/ Bars are ill Art is nil and pop idols are touching little kids again/ well I guess all the riches in the world could buy you happiness/ Now pretend you're me, and forget to breathe/ and With all of our lungs engulfed by the sandwich bags turned to vapors when burnt/ shwag, resinated respiration like this nation's messed up/ Man, this fucking nation's messed up/ I'm sick of waiting for them to come and arrest us/ We stay faceless without them stupid zip-ups/ razorblades rip up cuts like nip-tuck/ voice resinates like dripping flux on your electric guitar pickups/ hiccups when it's plugged in/ I like the sound of it peaking/ Speaking coarse Grind the grime down to emptiness like the pit of my stomach/ Give all that you've got to give or give nothing 04. ONESPHERE feat. Baskets (08:27) p.WRECKS: Let the flock follow their idols/ Just swallow pride/ the green's always gonna seem greener on the side of your arch rivals/ All the while waging a war inside ones own mind/ Maybe pause to explore all known possibilities first/ Before moving forward/ Instead now it is no commonsense and senseless slaughter of innocent civilians/ Just for thinking differently/ But live and breathe the same oxygen as everyone else/ It's a tedious cycle and the media will just keep feeding us lies/ repeating lies/ Drilling into mind over matter to cover the caste systems/ like news broadcasts/ meanwhile Jobless on food stamps Economic Hypochondriac/ Reaction is to do less so I do more/ Hardly ever dormant like the marine corp's troops on standby/ ready to let the cruise missiles fly/ But won't admit to the placement of chemicals in the sky/ Increase depression rate Must defend your occupation from invaders/ Must invade it's your occupation/ Hesitate and it will cost you your job security/ Like you think you could live life seamlessly?/ It used to look so easy to dream didn't it? / It wouldn't be so difficult with less governing Baskets: Direct analogy is confounded/ Forming lines that shake the ground/ and leave scars so deep that there is hardly even a thought to meet/ I'll speak freely I'll make things so easy/ Time slinks seemingly faster/ and my mind feels weak from the disaster/ Overcome with the feeling of guilt/ this is how empires are built/ brace yourself for the hit/ as they wind up from the hip/ Jawbone crusher two tone husher/ legacies made with ever brick that was laid/ Formulate and emulate/ this is the power we made/ what about simplicity? it's since been dismissed like the plague/ For now you run free in our time we will see that your structures will crumble/ Our history speaks loudly/ you ignore it so proudly/ your ignorance twisted up and bound by this shit/ prepare for the worst emergency exits rehearsed/ listen closely your supposed to be mostly concerned for your safety/ I'll speak freely I'll make things so easy/ Time slinks seemingly faster/ and my mind feels weak from the disaster 05. LOOKING OVER THE EDGE (12:02) p.WRECKS: Edgy… Okay finally we can blow the lid off this/ but goldz best level these mids or vicious badger hiss/ and I can handle this handless so just sit and sip your lager and stay out of my vicinity/ They set up a hit on me and the military means business but my vector tentacles extend ten feet/ so your armory is rudimentary/ through an M.C species with skin crawling absorbent like terrycloth thoughts run through/ In one ear and out the other/ behind these shutters butterflies don't flutter so beautiful with these pins stuck through their thoraxes/ like i need to find a balance/ then false reactions to imaginary big brother/ hate monger my fate's been sealed in the cocoon I wrapped my self in/ Past anguish and literature is whack/ Must kill the language/ when i rap i delve in to the vast submerged banishment/ write hectic to fend off inner demons/ fuck it let's just let em through/ So now speaking to the devil in the attic/ and i can see it in his eyes/ we're destined to lose/ Uncouth, must reboot to assemble wormhole galaxies/ builders mingle to construct ant colonies underneath this crumbling scene/ Feel me i'm hungry trying to eat during a colonoscopy/ picture me grinding my teeth/ There is no escaping/ you can check pan to the scenery/ must get out alive, but all that lives will eventually die/ but you can have a look for yourself/ just look for yourselves/ My technique is sleep depravation/ til deep concentration/ write 16 lines after 16 lines/ the Chukchee supplied the grime/ and I'll defile the mic til the kick dies/ with machetes blazing new trails 06. BEFORE COLUMBUS feat. Xrin Arms (15:48) p.WRECKS: Well, the trees won't stop talking/ just keep dropping seed pods on top of me/ it seems their disgruntled with the degradation of the topography since settling like an incurable disease/ devastating multiplying with a head full of steam/ greed and lust to control from sea to shining sea/ and for a small fee you to were guaranteed a piece of prosperity/ too trusting the natives shared their expertise in farming/ and the invaders were too hard to please/ preached religion that if they didn't believe in they turned to enemies/ when all the chief wanted was to live free/ like we have our own beliefs/ and not one animal is demented with the mania of owning things/ they killed off the entire tribe/ and changed history like it didn't even happen it's sickening/ called it their duty to god, just a facade for the pathological larceny/ covering the genocide of a thriving civilization/ then deemed the inhabitants savages/ don't believe it Xrin Arms: I'm something like Oklahoma bombs come and cut me/ Over beats by Chukchee/ bass lines I'm finger fuckin' / every female goat wanna to fuck me/ I just lead em' to the slaughter house/ I'm wise mother fucky/ back to the lecture at hand/ it's time for the indian man to reclaim our stolen land/ pillage reverser wearing jewelry made of white mans hands/ still locals in the fire giving out brands/ thanksgiving day rushing in schools/ in elementary, yes it's elementary/ cruelty pedigree/ p one step ahead of me/ sniper rifle's aimed steadily I'm beheading things/ I mean people consecutively/ power & justice go together like apple juice and Hennessy 07. Dead Western Tundras (17:54) p.WRECKS: Stay The Fuck out of Our Hollowed Ground in these dead western tundras Hate Mongering Has consequences Punishable by death/ in a zone… First Off, fuck your worldly valuables/ I'll punch through so many barricaded "values" my knuckles have calluses now/ Internal Malice Balance Human Negligence/ and pledge allegiance to the Recklessness/ I was Sent here to deaden these pretentious insects/ Rhymes insecticide to your fascist public figures/ just another Blasphemous creatures none in particular/ I'm Impartial to your faith and meaningless community meetings/ I pray that your future generations suffocate and stop breathing/ after migration Finally exposed to the truth. Let me Knot up this noose for you, now stick your head through the loop than drop... off the face of this earth/ so In this corrupt world I find tranquility in the termination of your irrelevant belief system/ that finds you guilty of crimes on humanity.. YOU SLIME AREN'T EVEN HUMAN BEINGS BLEED SWINE WE GRANT NO AMNESTY/ no point in arguing that just prompts the arsony to your facilities no tranquility just casualties.. your leaders invincibility is a fallacy just look at history/ repeats itself / then Citizens rise and stomp out this xenophobic mentality Street Revolutionaries over seas move in unison/ Militant Mentality under one belief for humanity to be free and equality to be reached your disease must be cleaned from our streets/ Inspired collective conscious Now your bias wretched regime is defenseless to the impending death sentence/ and I call that optimism/ Wrecks a crustacean this pen is a restless/ Peace to those eco-terrorists on the frontline's remain relentless/ I send mad stress to the migration of flightless fowl/ STAY THE FUCK OFF OF OUR HOLLOWED GROUND in these dead western tundras Hate Mongering Has Consequences/ Punishable by death/ anti-fa 08. HOLIEST A.D. (20:11) p.WRECKS: In an altered dominion/ In the right shade you just might catch a glimpse of the 8 inch scythe blade/ the display latency fades away/ to chop the top off your dream sequences without even wavering the flame/ they all wave back at you as the apparitions dissipate as if to say/ this hatred is an old language hold sacred/ religion is sacrilege imagined by reptilian sadomasochist/ Now obey your master's wishes/ or bare witness to the ones who didn't/ Like death sentences hidden in history/ Face the judgement among the sea of burning witches/ can you hear them listen/ now what's the state of the union Xtrians/ like the ventriloquist made us do it in the name of superstition/ the leaches scour the lands to drown the heathens/ the symbol on your tunic doesn't mean shit to them/ just hold that crucifix close to your heart/ close your eyes/ and pull your little innocent butt cheeks apart/ Confess your sins child/ While steeples defile another innocent child in confessionals/ pedophiles smile during holy art thou worship lessons/ and i'd sell my soul just to see some justice/ from cathedrals to ashes/ from reverends to dust/ crush entire congregations clergy dethroned/ left buckled and broken/ I motion molotov motive protest/ Success is a slow death and I've come to grips with it/ but ran out of the patience to wait/ While picket lines of pro-life protestors are hiding behind signs/ like another pro-choice doctor must be sacrificed for our holiness 09. BLOOD ON OUR HANDS feat. Guttahface & L. Little (23:48) Guttahface: Bodies burning souls searching for peace/ release the beast now I feast on pretty white chicks beliefs/ my decayed thought/ mantled in urns/ next to dusty keyboards/ a few bars on resin covered rhyme books my verses burn/ you toss and turn/ dreams filled with dread/ force-fed no waking of the body pillow hugging a horse head/ now life ain't all bad/ as long as you can wake up from this nightmare that we've all had/ I find comfort when all feelings dead/ so, sing your sad songs in hope and hope for better days/ there's better ways out of Satan's maze/ surrounded by gay's not literally wouldn't want to give em' a bad name/ just scene kids/ and I came here just to watch their trends fade/ and they only came here to be seen and drop obscure band names/ Kid stop you're just a robot programmed to talk/ I find more sense in a pocket of loose change/ your girl gave good brain/ I end it here and leave you hanging like Hussein/ What do you do when you can't do anything else/ and even if you could it wouldn't help the situation any/ would it help... no p.WRECKS: Now ask yourself/ how far will I walk until I turn back after learning that there is no need for artificial human contact/ and the pointless conversations that tend to bring the backstabbing to get ahead mentalities with them/ I'm uninterested in making friends with anyone I don't directly connect with/ immediate, lust a greed are human nature/ neighbors fake having similar interests/ we all claim to be empathetic/ but where's the helping hands for the children penniless living under bridges?/ the rich see it as pathetic call it financial responsibility/ I'll call it what it is caste system conditioning/ freedom is a contradiction, democracy is a has been, having been over thrown by corporate dictatorship/ the television tells you what to think/ buying material possessions to better your life with credit that doesn't even exist/ happiness is getting expensive/ just write a check it's worth it/ you gotta pay for your oxygen somehow anyway/ resources tapped out even worse than when i wrote tapped-out/ feeling trapped now this is the only outlet/ keeping my mind as far from suicidal feelings as possible/ and my personalities don't like it when i call them personalities/ the insanity comes and goes fluctuating dat to day/ but it's always there in my mother's voice/ calling me a worthless disappointment to the family/ an abomination of god/ like it's not a shock to her that I'm failing miserably 10. Suicidal Barcodes (27:00) p.WRECKS: "I think their all out of bar coded razor blades lets just wait this trend will fade soon hopefully" NOW! attack of a gas powered spring loading sex beast on burst mode/ tripling the number of direct hits when clicked in/ I only exist til the end of this, every sentence treated like it's the final kamikaze mission/ Treat this like it's the last transmission I'm sending through telepathic signals to you subliminal views in/ daydreamed visions in tunes- sent through tubes/ reverse reverb to blow out my right ear piece/ now I've grown out of my own inner dwellings/ so lets all face the mirror for spirit building exercises/ keep the feeling out of this instead exorcise the demons inside/ reach within the flesh and expose intestines just to show you got the guts/ for the cypher sessions but then again I tested fine in life's lessons/ the depression numbs aggressive intentions I write instead to express aggression/ In mic booths and dissemble my mind live then lose the screws "like where did I put them"/ Use thumbtacks and superglue to reassemble the equilibrium/ then it's off on another spirit journey.......... then/ Snatched outta thin air just to get back on track/ But never detained by my surroundings, and in my dreams those pro-reptilian television optimistic news reporters are drowning/ in the dripping blood white and blue bukkake fluids/ like we give 2 fucks if these flag-gots keep gas guzzling/ Just flash your brand name trash you copped to be the envy of all the others/ Refuse collecting humans, lets Gather the public to smash together and forms dunes in this shit/ and it's 50 mil for the pile with the view of where the sewage spews/ Eat your fill then limit the suicidal feelings with this handful of pills/ prescribed to eliminate artistic skill/ Til too lethargic to lift a pen to inkwell. well that's all real amusing/ instead... I think I'll sink into my self melt sleeper cells and manipulate the fragments to form these sentences/ I want the audience to Rock like the punk movement so I vent Nuclear Verbal Mutations that have me drooling on this page/ like I'm spewing images of visions brewing internally/ and I can still feel the inhalants of razorblades with lungs like corrugated cardboard porous growing blooming orchids/ There is too many fucking flowers flooding my face/ I'm choked up like wasted space must focus this anxiety on lacing breaks/ the bass groans like aches and pains/ while most rappers just bitch and moan through the microphone/ so don't call this angst/ "I think their all out of bar coded razor blades lets just wait this trend will fade soon hopefully" 11. MOLTEN ORIGIN feat. Fat Arm (31:07) Fat Arm: All these spry/ theoretical concepts revolve less/ when the chest still expands/ hand me the heat man and I'll/ bore a corridor/ show me more/ lore reforms under core distortions we call values/ i can see the tunnel/ the soul trundles/ crumble/ now mumble humble prayers tear whats left there/ the slides a fun ride but/ what resides at the bottom/ a hot collared golem/ gears push/ pins hit/ lead lifts/ heads get hit/ kids throw fits/ signs get writ/ I'm not a pessimist just realistic/ and the rest just resist it/ like its a plane and they just missed it/ an inane event and that's just it/ just pass clock ticks till the/ layovers over with its/ less than amiss but more than just a bit fucked up/ Crowns like mountains/ spew like fountains/ when molten mantle/ lights kings candles/ tawny hair compares/ to the pissed lisps gifted back to the rift like it lifted it to the surface crack/ snap back/ the packed in rubbernecks/ cause up next/ the oval road obstacle its seems/ the obstetricians mission statement/ contains a bit about killing babies/ filling Hades /craving aviation/ 1st class patience/ patients pay tens of/thousands/ in sound med-allions/ monikers of work hard urn-ed ash/ for us the grease splashes/ for the gears of fashion/ oops i mean fascism/ put your ear to the ground its happening/ if stabbing in to your abdomen was the trend lent and extended/ to the masses/ wed follow it asking/ if the after life looks less rough/ if we pin our eyes open wide enough/ crowns like mountains/ spew like fountains/ when molten mantle/ lights kings candles/ I'm back/ to remove the last axe/ from the backs of unsuspecting lackeys/ that had an attack of honesty trusting modestly/ in conjuring of common things/ breath black thrust tacks to keep the skin intact/ cause your having an adverse reaction/ hack phlegm/ system id black men brain duplicate/ convulse and celibate hosts death like the solstice/ your sun is standing still/ separate the shrill/ noise from the calm voice and hoist it/ to bond brick but mortars slick/ and the stick house/ is about slip/ down the hill on which you built it/ cup half empty cause you split it/ its still fit for dry lips/ lift it to the mouth/ you're about to be drowned in around 10 ounces/ countless crown less kings/ bring feast to your feet/ don't kick/ they might tip/ and that shits not cheap/ measured in the souls you reap/ and they'll feed you and appease you forever/ in an endeavor to plug the leak 12. INTRUDERS (35:37) p.WRECKS: Note to self/ You better start drying some banana skins and smoking to reminisce/ til it's time to save this world's rotten core/ Now does that make sense or am I tripping?/ Schizophrenic but must sync lips with an unlinked mind/ rhyme like a nemesis but the solar flares are still grilling me/ hold it down for the real emcees fill in my speech than eclipse with these rhyme schemes/ Now pause this to insert some catchy shit/ like that's what the rest did, Why Wrecks didn't/ and it's simple belligerent ignorant lyricists where bigotry lives/ get ligature shredded with rib spreader/ I'll piss all over your signatures/ hit me on a pager cause I'm avoiding everyone at this time/ been on this shit for a stint/ snagged on the razor wire of the fence I've been trying to get over/ we drop barrels of boiling oil on intruders don't get tar and feathered dude/ and I'm not really looking to make anymore friends/ I do this to vent to heads who dress like fashion trends don't make sense to them/ we evolve then assemble in a single sentence/ to crescendo crush trenches/ like kleptomaniac incisions in the packaging/ razor blade used tactically/ now tally up the racked amount cash stacking lacking a bank account/ activist inactivity activities consisting of loitering to arsony/ on some destroy the humans, and save all the other species/ For spontaneous self destruction altering my perception on the matter/ her lips kiss crossed receptive patterns/ lowering the draw bridge now there is no turning back/ we drop barrels of boiling oil on intruders/ don't get tar and feathered dude 13. BEST LEFT ALONE feat. Tahkid (37:40) Tahkid: Yo, I'm stoic/ and it shows in my stone face bro/ I'm rude to the bone in case you wanna check mate/ T-A bandito is in no way moveable/ I push through and lose you like a body under rubble/ I'm nothing but trouble/ I don't fumble the mic/ that's why me and this crew plan out every move like a Cyph/ Huddle, my rival dumb with no rebuttal/ I'll fuck a foe won't cuddle/ who wanna throw fisticuffs I'll have you screaming Uncle jacob please no, no I've had enough/ hah, what, too late dog I'm lord of the ring/ ding, K.O opponents/ left pretzeled and twisted up in ropes with my slo-mo flesh brick to the nose bone/ Yeah I'm best left alone p.WRECKS: At first response/ reaction is just to detach this self loathing individual who thinks for itself with gut instincts/ and puts extremely too much thought into everything/ but still is indecisive, unless it's about humans/ Can't trust any of em'/ you should know/ My calloused tongue from all the hatred that's been rung from it/ making me somewhat of a garbage truck rumbling through these artistic slums/ My heart is in this until the sun is cut out of the horizon and the sky is frozen solid/ and most are just dozing off so they won't notice it from their own homes/ I cold shoulder those with attitudes like they got something to prove/ Just feed em to the wolves/ that just leave em to the buzzards anyway/ see it seems these busters aren't really cutting the mustard/ while we the shut-ins continuously going at the muzzles of these crumbling monoliths/ til this shithole falls off it's axis and the track skips/ Souls you won't find just fires/ Yeah I'm best left alone/ holes where the souls used to be but now there is a fire burning within'


GK#167 c&p 2012 karaoke/p.wrecks


released January 23, 2012

an APE-LAB / NEW COCOON production
"GEGNER {Adversary, Opponent}"

This program is in continuos, unabridged / single track format.

Titles / track times are as followed:

00:01/+ The Perish of the Elohim
01:36/+ Obstacles
03:06/+ Nightwatch
05:43/+ God of Guillotines
08:27/+ One Sphere feat. Baskets
12:02/+ Looking Over the Edge
15:48/+ Before Columbus feat. Xrin Arms
17:54/+ Dead Western Tundra
20:11/+ Holiest A.D.
23:48/+ Blood On Our Hands feat. GuttahFace
27:00/+ Suicidal Barcodes
31:07/+ Molten Origin feat. Fat Arm
35:27/+ Intruders
37:40/+ Best Left Alone feat. Tahkid

All tracks produced by Chukchee / New Cocoon 2010-2011.

Scratch tracks by Smear. Mix and other shit by p.WRECKS.

Artwork by Boilbuttz |

Big ups to Ape-Lab, Badpenmanship, Strange Gibberish, New Cocoon, Black Lanterns and all my other comrades and collaborators... special thanks to Grindcore Karaoke for being willing to take this PU-238 nuclear waste off my hands.

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