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Human Ouroboros

by Curmudgeon

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Agracetus 00:48
AGRACETUS An errant seed. Corporate greed versus human need. The fat cats always fucking win.
GRAN MACHISMO Cocked and loaded. A ton of steel. You and your weapon: king of the hill.  Your property, your playground, your power, your right. Odds in your favor and the law is on your side.  Flipped, smashed, burnt to the ground.
Allston FOAD 00:40
ALLSTON FOAD Human ouroboros. Your antics fucking bore us. Destroy yourselves and call it a good time.
Passive 01:19
PASSIVE This static age lasts a lifetime, our eternity.  Images of what I am supposed to be passing me by while I remain still.  Representing the unchanging ideology of inaction.  A static image for mass consumption.
Shut Out 01:11
SHUT OUT Excluded from a history written by men throughout the ages. Now we willingly contribute but our faces will never grace their pages. Mediums through which we speechlessly speak. Relegated to corners and kitchens, the ways that we choose to support you is an illusion of choice that supports only you.
WORTHLESS GENERATION Fuck me and fuck you too. The world tells me I'm not good enough so often it must be true.
Spineless 01:07
SPINELESS Rumors, gossip, called any name but truth.  You want the proof? It's evidenced every day living with this fucking brain.  Bodily rights stolen. Ultimate violation. Is it conviction that you lack or are you too comfortable to act?  Too afraid to admit that rape exists here.
Devoid 01:09
DEVOID No passion. No substance. No standards. I reject morality while you reject everything except another way to fulfill your desires.  Ethics are not a dilemma when you ask yourself no questions.  Living blindly to consume. You yourself are consumed.


GK#80 c&p 2011 karaoke/curmdgeon


released August 22, 2011

a WE RISE production
"Human Ouroboros"

Recorded at DEAD AIR 2/13/11 by Will Killingsworth.

Mastered by Jeff Poleon.

Thanks to Joe, Tom, Steve, Lily, Cole, Jeff, Jack, Meghan, Zack, Grizzly and Will.

Curmudgeon is Krystina, Ryan B. and Ryan S.

email: curmudgeon.boston@gmail.com


all rights reserved



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