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Intentional Contamination

by Clorox Bong

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HUFFING LOCUST DUST You'll never see it coming I'll be thrashing out to code 13 Bombing any pill I can get my hand on Smashing the windows of your car so I can take your fucking CD deck Yeah we're on some straight scummy shit and we're coming like a locust storm You never saw it coming We've been underground for years Huffing aerosol cans To ensure we'll never have to see the day when you take total control
LEGACY OF SHIT Like a hammer to my balls The Earth, smashed the fuck up Be it an asteroid or a nuclear armageddon It doesn't matter No survivors No trace of our existence Only remnants of civilization Satellites and radio waves Torturing distant civilizations with pepsi jingles and sports statistics What a legacy
CxBx WILL FUCK YOU UP Clorox Bong will fuck you up!!!
DETOX VIOLENCE Mixing sarin gas and whatever else i can find Nothing left but an old bottle of pills someone left behind I just dropped a 40 ounce of Robotussin and everything's getting kinda awesome
MORE PAY OR MORE CORPSES Another day on the grind, punch in get fucked by the scumbag, punch out an feel better, punch back in an its the same all again, the man is fucked Tomorrow ill go back and grab an AK pack it in my black bag shoot the place up an drop live bombs i kept in my jacket Drop live bombs and your all dead
IAN MACKEYES BALLS I like grindcore I like thrashcore Powerviolence and hardcore too I like putting white shit up my nose Until my nasal cavity is just a hole I'll blow smoke straight in your face Black X's on your hands that you used to jerk off your fucking boy friend You don't have much to say now, no fucking opinions, with my balls on your chin Roll this next blunt In honor of every word of Ian Mackeyes that got twisted By dumb kids like you Get the fuck out of our scene
GOD LISTENS TO GRINDCORE I was so high I thought I saw God He told me to behead all those who oppose grindcore Make YOU SUFFER the global anthem All religions replaced with a massive bong sesh And we only smoke the stickiest sess God listens to Pig Destroyer
COP KILLING SHERM FREAKS I'd rather blow my fucking brains out than listen to another minute of your fucking bullshit You think those fucking handcuffs will do shit? I'm hulking out on PCP I'll slice your fucking face off and feed it to my dog
LYSERGIC GRIND Pupils dilated Mind melts Lysergic grindcore
FACE FULL OF BUCKSHOT I've been ripped off for the last fucking time This time your getting what you deserve A face full of buck shot
Losing Teeth 00:25
LOSING TEETH First time I saw you I knew you were scum You came to get high for free But your gonna be losing teeth Get the fuck out Keep your nose out of my sack bitch
INTERNATIONAL CONTAMINATION I speak Jibberish into the microphone To prove everything you know is wrong There is no order only chaos and we make sure that stays true I've dumped enough 2cb in the water supply to keep you idiots fucked forever
HUMANOS DE BASURA I wake up and I'm surrounded by daily filth I see garbage in the streets I see hatred in eyes I hear nonsense from their mouths Keep fucking grinding and never look back No time for games, lames, or more of the same Bust out the jams, listen to that fucking solo
FACE MEETS CONCRETE Put no thought to the action Just pack another bong Let gravity do its job Force the carcinogens into your bloodstream Hardly human anymore Just a walking hazard Don't fuck with me Because i'm strapped and 10 deep I'll have your head looking like a smashed water melon Your mom will be scraping your face off the sidewalk
VIOLENT PROGRAMMING You see it on the TV More fear than you can consume We eat it, drink it, live it Today I can't take it I'm going to the broadcasting headquarters Todays programming brought to you from the barrel of a gun
No Friends 00:12
NO FRIENDS We used to be boys But then you gave up You don't dream anymore Your a puppet Fuck you
YOUR TIME HAS COME This is the end of the line It's time to put those ski masks on and get out the baseball bats We're gonna do what we should have done a long time ago Free all the prisoners and the caged animals and let 'em loose on the suite and tie guys


GK#122 c&p 2011 karaoke/clorox bong


released December 5, 2011

"International Contamination"

CxBx is Mike Infected and Andy Wounds.

Home recorded in 2011 on opposite ends of the globe.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Clorox-Bong/139721629422963?sk=app_2405167945


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