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Nightly Desecrations

by Captain Three Leg

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50 FOOT WALL OF DEATH (TSUNAMI) Waves of death crashing over you Splintering bone under brutal force Tidal waves come, bring complete devastation Receding water washes away the gore 50 foot wall of death
MELTED PUDDLE OF CHARRED REMAINS (VOLCANO) Red hot lava death The pressure’s been building for over a hundred years Plumes of smoke spell out inevitable death Burn A blanket of ash rains from the sky Fluttering down like tainted snow Lungs turn black from breathing it in Coughing up blood as you run for your life Spewing forth red hot lava death Feet turn to mush as you lose the race Burning – melting Flames consume your entire form Melted puddle of charred remains
RECIPE FOR CRUSHED PEOPLE AND MEAT (TORNADO) Hot meets cold turned upside down A recipe meant for complete destruction A spinning tornado crushes completely A funnel cloud ripping a path of despair Limbs torn from victims, Fly through the air Houses crush people into meat
FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN'S PUTRID GUTS (HURRICANE) From the depths of the ocean’s putrid guts Unleashed upon the unsuspecting people Too stupid or old to heed it’s warning The hurricane squashes you dead like a bug The dead float by on a river of sewage Living in filth in a huddled mass The stinking corpses are thrown in a pile The stench of stupidity, of lingering death
A SMOTHERED BLOODY MASS OF SHIT SMEARED DEATH (EARTHQUAKE) A rumble from the ground sends a chill to your core Already aware, your worst fears come to life The ground opens up and swallows you whole As pieces of your house crush you dead A smothered, bloody mass of shit smeared death Trapped with your neighbors under mountains of stone Aftershocks shake the last turd from your pants One by one till the whole pile is dead Rats feed from the freshly killed Dropping shit on your head
BURNING CLOUDS OF DEATH (FOREST FIRE) Discarded match or a lightning flash The genesis of an unruly blaze Deadly aftermath Flames consume everything in sight Animals run as they burn to death The earth turns black under burning grass Choking the air with burning clouds of death Flaming trees turn black Reduced to piles of ash
EARTH OF DEATH (DROUGHT) No rain for months, moisture gone Extra dry The earth of death The crust of the earth blisters and cracks Intense heat choking out all forms of life Retreat underground to escape the heat No daylight to help you beat the meat Burn to crisp Charred black earth Skin turns pale from lack of sun – Drought of death Now you’re ready for black metal band – Earth of death Extra dry Drought of death
WHITE WALL OF SNOW, SNOW DEATH (AVALANCHE) Snow fart, sweet lip kiss Reverberations from below the waist Your sweet lips flap an unbearable song Echoing through the snow covered hills Bringing a wall of white snow snow death Snow fart Sonic crack White death
UNSTOPPABLE PARADE OF CHAOS, DEATH AND BROWN (MUDSLIDE) Tidal wave of brown Your hillside home crashes to the ground Tidal wave of brown Unstoppable parade of chaos, death and brown
FROZEN DEATH 2 (ARCTIC BLAST) Arctic winds howl Semen turns to semen cubes before it hits the ground
MOVE YOUR SHIT TO HIGHER GROUND (FLOOD) The water breaches the river banks Spilling fish and sewage where you live and sleep Hanging out on your couch watching TV As a turd floats by across your floor Move your shit to higher ground Evacuate and say goodbye to your worthless junk The water recedes and nothing remains Except that turd lying on your floor
NUT SMASHER (BALL CRUSHER) Push-ups, curls and lifting weights Builds upper body strength Crack your knuckles to loosen up Then go in for the kill Tightening grip through Levi jeans Ruptured fabric from the strain Testes crushed like ripened grapes Pop
Rape Seed 00:27
RAPE SEED Beefsteak, cherry red tomato Human shit plowed into the soil And mixed with rotting vegetation Cream-filled fruit sits under the ground A rape seed for a brutal harvest Festering under smelly ground Juicy, ripe red ********* **** ***** **** ****** through the membrane Fuck Beefsteak, cherry red tomato ****
DISEASE RAVAGED BODY Your prick comes detached from the base of your crotch Torn from jerkin’ – Disease Ravaged body – Skin seeps Rotting tissue – Kleenex Filled with semen and blood Leper dick falls off
THE PUTRID CHUNKS OF TAINTED, SHIT STAINED MEAT Swept up from a filthy floor The putrid chunks of tainted, shit stained meat Snouts, lips and assholes encased in intestines Choking back vomit from the rotted pork
Swollen Doom 00:26
SWOLLEN DOOM A world upside down in a mass hysteria Impending doom for all of civilization The streets are swollen with riot and murder With chicks knocked unconscious and fucked in the butt Each man for himself, think only survival Paranoia sets in, people turn on each other Beaten bodies drain blood in the streets
Formula-Core 00:16
FORMULA-CORE Dumb it down to a minimum Reduce it to its lowest form Juvenile and irresponsible Stripped of anything meaningful The lyrics here exist to fill up space
BRAIN FULL OF SHIT Mental illness plants its roots Distorting thoughts and breaking minds My brain’s decayed, I think of things That normal people wouldn’t dare Like how come turds are always brown? Are earthworms fucking underground? If I die now, will no one care? Will Suzy fuck me on a dare? I lay in bed, **** **** ** **** And when I’ve had enough of it I spread ** ****** *** **** * **** I lay back down and ponder it Nobody will talk to me Cuz I talk shit and smell like pee I creep them out until they leave Nobody wants a friend like me I’m not crazy, can’t you see? I just don’t give a fuck
WITH ROD IN HAND Wake up early Sunday morning Load the truck, get on the road Back end filled with rods and coolers Driving to the fishing hole With rod in hand, at one with nature Fresh air blows across the tip With rod in hand, you catch a nibble Hook in mouth, you reel one in Drop your pants to take a leak It feels so right within your hand What could it hurt when no one’s watching? Up and down upon my rod With rod in hand ******** ***** into the pond
MUTINY AT LAST Stabbed in the back again and again Blood pours from the wounds and collects on the floor Slice off your ears, take it like a man Discarded appendage like pieces of trash Battle lines drawn, trust in no one Each man for himself in these times of war Don’t let down your guard, stay always alert Draw first blood, then never look back Money made form selling drugs Easy come, easy go Jacked up on amphetamines Don’t hesitate to use your gun Shoot them dead, then leave them there Speed away with cash in hand Spend it all on dope and whores Repeat it all as necessary
WORLD'S TALLEST MIDGET You spend your whole life cutting down others To make yourself feel good about whom you are One dig at a time, one after another Your razor sharp tongue cuts deep into flesh Just look at yourself, you’re no better than us Than those you project your hatred on to Well here is your crown, be proud of your title The world’s tallest midget is one hell of a prize Submerged in negativity You’ll never get the best of me World’s tallest midget still makes you pretty small
DOUCHE-BAG ON SKIS Hitting the slopes of the frozen north Ascend to the top of this snow covered mound Push off into an uncertain fate Speed towards the bottom while dodging trees The douche-bag beside you crosses in front Your face smacks the ground with lethal force He swings back around, then farts in your face The air smells of shit, your face filled with blood
Truth Decay 00:51
TRUTH DECAY A constant stream of stupidity dribbles from your lips You give no thought to what you say or what we’ll think of it You talk and talk incessantly, you never stop to pause We’ve had enough, all we can take; it’s time for you to shut the fuck up. Your diarrhea mouth fills the room with shit Take leave now and give us some respite From your run-on of useless, meaningless talk
THE DEATH CURE Slit my wrists while I sit in the tub Or hurl myself off a bridge Shotgun blast to an open mouth Or walk out in front of a bus Tighten a rope around my throat Or take a handful of pills Pick a fight with an angry cop Or turn on the gas and go to sleep I have decided I’m better off dead I’ve had it with life, so I’ll try death instead I’ve made up my mind, I’m better off dead I’ve had it with life, so I’ll try death instead
CRUCIAL ORIFICE A woman’s got to use what she has to get what she wants (lyrics based on the James Brown song “Hot Pants”)
Handle Deep 00:35
HANDLE DEEP Locked behind bars for crimes based on love Wielding the knife I shoved up her cunt Knife thrust in deep, done without gloves Up to the handle, then gave it a turn Blood on the bed, love in her eyes Sharpened steel, a phallic surprise The warm embrace of man and wife – pussy stabber A stronger bond because of knife – pussy stabber Bleed to death, you realize Pussy stabber jailed for life
RUPTURED VESSELS SPURTING BLOOD Beating my head against a wall Drown out the sound of constant talk Frustration mounts to boiling point Ruptured vessels spurting blood Stroke Conversation goes nowhere Repeating shit already heard Shut your mouth and fucking listen
TELEPHONE HARASSMENT A long-distance greeting to put you right back in your place From miles away there comes a call Mom and dad lay down the law Run down the kids and piss them off Make them hate you even more Yo, suck your own
Sewer Mouth 00:21
SEWER MOUTH Involuntary bursts of rage Profanity against your will Numb-nuts, shit, douche-bag, twat Without a thought, nutsack, piss Strange disorder called Tourette’s
MIND MUSH (HEAD SHIT) Head full of mush Mind full of shit
Beat Red 00:47
BEAT RED Tie me up, hit me
RITUAL FERTILITY Hunting in the jungle Bloody spear clenched in hand Chunks of meat strewn about Gutted beasts among the trees Legions of hunters wielding erections The unsuspecting woman Bent over her stew-pot He thrusts his spear inside her No use for lubrication - seed Popping off inside her Fulfilling obligation Populate the species Semen flows like river Shit-caked newborn baby Result of tribal cunting ***** ******* **** **** ****** Ritual fertility – spawn
Fern 00:22
FERN Your best friend is a fern Take it on the bus with you Fired from your job Your greeting cards started to suck Walk along the bridge Find a spot and stake it out This looks like the one To take the plunge and end it all You’ll never find true love No one wants to be with you Always the lonely guy Alone
PEE'R PRESSURE Pressure removed Relief from pain Head cleared of all thoughts
HALF A PEACE SIGN The simple expression of anger Minimal effort
EMERGENCY PULL OFF A trip to the clinic, emergency visit Foreskin is torn, painful bloody appendage Half peeled banana, blood pours from the tip Severed tip sealed in a Ziploc bag Vice grips placed around your rod Twist the head off, falls to ground Using tools to masturbate Mangled member in your hand
Fag Music 00:41
FAG MUSIC A string of notes and melody A hatred of the purest kind Clever words and rhyming schemes A wasted effort on my ears A vocal range of four whole octaves Don’t give a fuck about your skill The nerve to call yourself musician Call yourself a fucking artist I hate music Give me blasts of pure noise Death to music Heavy metal’s not enough Death to music
MISERY OLYMPICS Flakes of skin fall like snow Open sores bleed through clothes A miserable of man sits with bottle in hand Choking back rage, he fights the urge to kill Wounded knee, constant pain Stench of rot, hate-filled days A walk through the woods where buried bodies lie Slashes of light slicing through the trees Late at night at foot of bed Silently watches you sleep Life in the dark, basement is his home Constantly drunk on rot-gut wine Flakes of skin, open sores Stench of rot, choked back rage
Albatross 00:35
ALBATROSS Giant sea bird hangs in the sky Hovering above the vast blue sea Souls of lost sailors inhabit the bird Lost souls of the forgotten seamen Plucked from the sky, dinner is served Sea bird Remains of bird hang from your neck The burden of slaughtering seamen’s soul The strain of seamen on your neck Crippled sailor, neck craned to the floor
Finn-ished 01:06
FINN-ISHED Your band’s a bunch of fakes No ideas of your own Finn death metal frauds Not content with being a fan You rip off their name Stole their riffs and guitar sound “Demos only, bro. That later stuff is poser shit” Stop trying to attach your name to someone else’s work That scene died 18 years ago when you were still a punk You shed your skin like a snake to re-invent yourself Make up your mind and pick a scene, stop being a fake Those bands moved on, changed their sound ‘cause grindcore was a bore Their greatest album was “Deluxe”, they moved away from gore But here you sit, stuck in time pretending you were there You’re Finnish worship death metal clowns, pretenders to the throne Those records meant so much to you, you gave them all away In exchange for gas money as if they meant nothing Then later try to get them back and say they were on loan A Finnish fake death metal god goes back on his word You ripped off their name Stole their riffs and guitar sound “Demos only, bro. That newer stuff is poser shit.” Your band’s a bunch of fakes Can’t write a song of your own Finn- death metal frauds Not content with being a fan
RANDOM ACTS OF DISRESPECT Rude Insolent Dishonour Impudence A box of shit mailed to someone’s house 10 miles under in the passing lane Fart in the elevator before getting out Defacing things most people hold sacred Spitting on floors Not holding doors Cut someone off Outright ignore Stepping on toes Picking your nose Speaking your mind Anything goes
WAKE OF DECEPTION (Dropdead cover, dust off your records and look for yourself)
SHACKLED DOWN (Infest cover, too lazy to type them out)
THE ADVENTURES OF DICKMAN AND THROBBIN' With mask and cape and raging hard-on Dickman springs forth to the rescue A burst of seed, jet propulsion Throbbin’ jerks it with no choice
SUMMONING THE INVISIBLE SWORDSMAN Horseback ride through the desert On a mission to see the singing bush Say the magic chant, fire one shot in the air Summoning the invisible swordsman Santa Poco people are under attack The crushing hand of the evil El Guapo German guns traded, tightening grip Ned, Lucky and Dusty to save the day A plethora of piñatas locked in the storeroom Infamous means just more than famous Gringos are dropping out of the sky Male planes with visible little balls Sew very old one, sew like the wind
CEILING FAN MASSACRE Spinning round and round The blades of the ceiling fan Installed it much too quickly Say hello to death Nuts and bolts falling down The blades rip through your head Your blood splatters on the wall Sit and laugh while you lie dead
DEATH REPLACES LIFE Life now ends Death takes its place Life now ends Death by one’s own hand
Colon Blast 02:40
COLON BLAST (not sure what the lyrics are, or if lyrics even exist)
HEADLIGHTS AND ASS-PIPES (no lyrics to this one, either)
WASTE OF LIFE... WASTE OF DEATH As I lay stricken with grief The pain of life, a heavy weight to lift Take my life, the option of death Consumes my thoughts night and day, I scream Agonized, crying in torment Tortured soul, down on my luck, no hope Sing the blues, a deathly hymn A chorus of ghouls sing in tune My death – suicide A waste of life A waste of death Cut, grab the knife, plunge into ear Stop the voice that’s in my head Slice my wrist down to the bone Anxious to die, my body is numb Eager to receive the gift of death Cut, grab the knife, plunge into ear Stop the voice that’s in my head Slice my wrist down to the bone Pools of blood fall to the floor Anxious to die, my body is numb Eager to receive the gift of death As I lay stricken with grief The pain of life, a heavy weight to lift Take my life, the option of death Consumes my thoughts night and day, I scream
MINDLESS VIOLENCE I’m a prick, its how I’ve always been It started back when I was ten Love to fight, punch you in the face I attack, beat with all my strength My life is exciting Filled with mindless violence Choosing victims at random Overpower others You disagree with me? I’ll keep on talking, as dumb as I can be I won’t back down at all Making up lies, supporting my argument In a crowded room I cut the cheese, blame it on the dog Impossible to like You hate me and I wouldn’t have it any other way Meet your wife, then stare at her tits Punch your kid, make him fucking cry Steal your car, drive it off a cliff I’m a prick, expect nothing less Pick my nose, wipe it on your bed Kick your dog, mindless violence I’m a shit-talking piece of fucking shit
Death Storm 00:16
DEATH STORM Dead bloody pile of death
DEVOURED '07 Stomach ripped open Entrails fall from your chest
INHUMAN POST-MORTAL JIGSAW OF MEAT Thrown from a bus Your head hits the ground A red smear stretches for miles An ambulance comes To clean up the mess Pouring cat litter to soak up the blood The men in white work extra hours Putting pieces of you back together A crumbled mess of bone and meat Scooped into piles for someone to eat Body bags filled with bloody mess Your mother mourns your gore-soaked death Inhuman post-mortal jigsaw of meat Bloody mess now cleaned from the street Brutal back-ache from mopping up meat
FUCKING DEATH The heat of the sun escalating The oceans begin to boil Creatures of the deep float to the top As flesh metals from their bones The sky a death bringing sauna Dehydrating all that exists Fevered, painful red blisters Infest all without shelter Screaming, dying, clawing at my flesh Burning skin, a blackened mess Screaming, dying, clawing at my flesh Burning skin, a blackened mess Burrowing through underground tunnels Feeble attempts at saving your life The sun shoots its heat rays of death There’s no escaping your fate The heat cracked surface of desert earth Grilled and devoid of life Dead lifeless bodies litter the ground The stench of a dying planet Screaming, dying, clawing at my flesh Burning skin, a blackened mess Screaming, dying, clawing at my flesh Burning skin, a blackened mess Scorched earth, dead world set aflame Inferno, black smoke fills the sky Cremate, all things turned to ask Total death, no life, fucking death Scorched earth, dead world set aflame Total death, no life, fucking death Hordes of insects roam the earth Mutated from the intense heat Feeding off the overcooked bodies Left from the sun’s genocide
Swarm 02:59
SWARM Hordes of hungry insects assemble for the hunt Disperse into the darkness through the damp wasteland Stampede fills the horizon, carving out a path They come upon their victim, overwhelmed by the swarm No escaping its brutal attack A savage dog-pile covering its prey Dismembering limbs, removing organs In pieces small enough to be carried A grotesque parade of the freshly killed By the anxious victors of the hunt Return to the hive soaked in blood An orgy of meat, an orgy of blood Bellies filled with gore – stretched to the fullest Horde now in slumber – the nightly feast is done Swarm!
REGURGITATED CORPSE Hot dog Bodies in the ground Dead for fifteen days Swelling up with gas Ready to explode Hot dog shaped corpse Filling up the casket Bloated rotten body Not an inch to spare Bite into the corpse Sink your teeth inside The hot dog of death Melts into your mouth Feasting on the dead Vomit in your mouth Puke sprays from your face Regurgitated corpse Corpse
TERRI RECTUM, JENNY TAILIA + ANITA JOHNSON Intestines bound, irregularity Terri rectum Clogged anus Rip open the package Lube up your hand Forced in ass-pipe, instant relief Terry rectum Anal explosion Sore and still leaking The stench of baked bread Brown fish
CRUSHED, SMASHED AND SMOTHERED Crushed underneath burning buildings Earthquake
AGGRESSIVE CANNIBALISM Come upon a site of aggressive cannibalism
THE SPAWN OF THE GNAW BEAST Weeks turn to months The time has come The spawn of the gnaw beast has risen Chewing on your face Your lips are his snack Swallowing your features Then shitting them back out
Forced Entry 00:46
FORCED ENTRY Forced entry **** Suffocation Break into your house Through an unlocked window Sleeping in your bed Hopelessly unaware The sound of plastic being stretched across your face Gasping for air in a feverish panic Flailing limbs in a desperate attempt Slipping into an unconscious state ******* ** ***** **** ** ********* ****
Collapse 00:04
COLLAPSE Weakened by pain and loss of blood Collapse to the ground
THE TALE OF JOSEPH CURTIS Hear the tale of Joseph Curtis He had a cushy job working as a therapist Helping troubled teens while ********* **** ***** Secret life ********** Secret life of Joseph Curtis His computer needed fixing Dropped it off at Best Buy Much to their surprise Loads of dirty pictures Pictures he didn’t want them to see Pictures of boys ********** ********* Pictures of boys with *** **** ** ***** ***** Pictures of Joseph ******* *** *** Questioned by the cops Fired from his job Divorced by his wife Beaten up in public Life is ruined Joseph Curtis Chased out of town Needed to re-locate Found some new hobbies Gave up on photography
Lady Gourmet 01:20
LADY GOURMET Eat a big meal Smoke a cigarette Drink a cup of coffee Then put down some plastic Invite a couple friends Take off all your clothes Rub your full stomach Drink of Kaopectate Dinner is served Your mouth opened wide at the ***** ******* Jaws locked open awaiting the gift Sounds of struggle, grunting with strain Delivering the gift of a ****** *** Making its appearance one inch at a time Quickly received by an eager mouth Breaking off at the source from its own weight * ***** **** ** *****, too much to take Rolling it around, * **** ***** **** Coating your ***** **** * ***** **** Eat it from a plate Cut it with a knife Wash it down **** **** Get it all on tape
The Blackout 00:35
THE BLACKOUT The lights go out in the city streets You’re free to do as you please Grab your guns and smash some heads **** ******* **** ** *** *** The blackout
CHOKE 'N' PUKE Smoke rises as the flames drape your corpse Charred remains Body turned to a lump of coal
Boob 01:12
BOOB Life filled with pain, muscles are strained Back hunched over, weakened frame Protruding veins, sweater stretched tight Unwanted glances, denying advances Milky jugs swollen, swollen in pain A brutal reduction of fleshy mounds
PARASITIC INVASION Covered with ticks and parasites Your body a host to a gruesome feeding Draining your blood one drop at a time The ticks get fat and fall to the ground Dizzy from loss of blood Infected with deadly disease No hope for cure Failing health from parasitic invasion The insects have taken their prey
THE LIFE OF A FECAL SIFTING MADMAN Sifting through piles of human debris For no reason other than to be sifting Sexual gratification from fondling turds The life of a fecal sifting madman Sifting through brown piles of turd Take the turd home for later
TOASTER BATH OF DEATH Bored with life and in need of a bath You grab the toaster and run to the tub Setting the mood by lighting some candles Playing some music, pulling your pee-pee Finish up by drinking, grab your favorite beverage Found the perfect ending, leaving on a high note Grab the toaster Push the plug in Hold your breath Submerge in water Charging through your body A thousand volts of power Screaming out in pleasure Your very last gasp of breath Toaster bath of death
ANGER IS IT'S OWN REWARD Lashing out Filled with rage Anger is its own reward
Skeleton 00:17
SKELETON Hollow Decayed A thin exoskeleton is all that remains
BLOODY BRAIN BOOGER OF BLEEDING NOSE GORE DEATH Picking your nose, getting in a good dig Past the first knuckle and up to your wrist Digging around and probing your skull What you have found will leave you dead Picking your brain and leaving a dent Breaking the skin, pulling out meat Removing your finger, a green bloody mess Your brain is deflating, pouring out of your nose Buckets of gore drain from your head Large gray chunks make a timely escape Rivers of blood fall like rain Head caves in an empty shell From the neck up - Completely dead Your own fault – Dead brainless mess On the floor – Lies your judgement Death from nose – Brain booger death Bloody brain booger of bleeding nose gore death
HUMAN TERMITE Human termite eating your bone Chewing through you Traveling through your skeletal system Weakening the structure of your form Body shrinking, losing its shape A bag of unsupported tissue and organs
Axe Slasher 00:18
AXE SLASHER Gripping the handle Swinging the axe Blunt force trauma Headless corpse Crushing your trachea Vertebrae snap like matchsticks
Brutalized 00:19
BRUTALIZED Walk home from work Doesn’t feel right Footsteps behind you Abduction Tossed in a van Driven away ****** ***** ********* Blow to the head Turned inside out Tossed in a ditch Brutalized
Stretchneck 00:24
STRETCHNECK A black hood placed upon your head Led to the gallows for your final moment Sweating in fear as the noose is placed around your neck The floor falls from underneath you Neck snapped and stretched Left to swing for the cheering spectators
Creepy Chris 00:12
CREEPY CHRIS In Denver Colorado lives a dirty old man Hangs out at schools with *** **** ** *** ***** Festering Puke plays on his car’s stereo
HOME INVASION Break into your house and go through your things Dig through your laundry, choosing the best **** ****** ******* ********* over my head ******* my ***** and ******** my **** The **** ****** positioned **** ** **** Deeply inhaling the earthy ***** ***** Licking the ****** where **** ***** **** Stuffing your toothbrush in ** *** *** * ***** *** ** ** your favorite stuffed animal ****** ** *** on the drapes as I leave
Pillow Angel 00:44
PILLOW ANGEL ****** buds removed, ****** scraped Shots to the spine preventing her growth Forced adolescence, the rest of her life Daddy’s little girl no one can take Perverse intervention of nature’s course Doctor’s interference seals her fate Maxing out the weight limit of her stroller Freak of nature, a 40 year old infant Hidden detail that nobody knows Selfish reasons, dad ***** ****** ***** The quadriplegic woman child cries in pain ******** ***** ***** ****** *** *** ***** Our little pillow angel with no hope of escape ********* *********** till her eventual death
THE BLACK FOG OF DEATH The black fog of death covers the night Christians impaled on Lucifer’s horn Listening to Venom as we drive to buy our makeup In my black leather I practice drawing pentagrams on my notebook Pitchfork mounted on my bedroom wall
MEDICAL CAMP 9 At medical camp 9 our business is death Lesbian orgies and castration Injecting prisoners with horrible disease They call me “She-Wolf of the SS” Sterilization with electric dildo Whipped bloody bodies serve as a warning Thrown to the soldiers *** **** **** Block of ice underneath your feet Loop of rope around your neck Keep it up, or cut it off Burn the camp, destroy the proof
NIGHTLY DESCERATIONS The nightly desecrations of your burial site Your final resting place interrupted and in ruin Relocated to an unmarked tomb
I LIVED MY LIFE AS A RETARD The formative years of my life Starting with the age of eight I shit myself and drooled a lot Stealing money from the state I lived my life as a retard Busted at a traffic stop My 30 year retard scam is finished
CLEAR INTENTIONS An ageing fat gym teacher **** *** ****** ** * ******* **** Text messages are sent proclaiming his intentions Beads of sweat form on the school girl’s face The details aren’t quite worked out But ******* ******* ** *****
Drain Babies 00:38
DRAIN BABIES Collected streams of human waste Pools of ***** ***** **** **** Beneath the town a creature is spawned The creature is spawned
YOU'RE DEAD You’re dead You’re dead!
Death Corpse 00:54
DEATH CORPSE Mind pain Life drain Gun pulled Blood stain Death corpse
ADEQUATELY WET (instrumental)
CLOGGED BOWEL (instrumental)


GK#28 c&p 2011 karaoke/c3l


released April 30, 2011

a DEATH, AGONY & SCREAMS production
"Nightly Desecrations"

Tracks #1-11 recorded on July 11, 2008 using a Fostex XR-7 Multitracker with vocal overdubs done sometime in March of 2010 on the computer using Magix Music Maker.
Andy – Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Brian – Drums / Vocals

Tracks #12-24 recorded December 22, 2009 direct to a Sony TC-WE475 cassette deck without any mixing. Vocal overdubs were done on March 28, 2010 using Reaper v3.11.

Andy – Guitar / Vocals
Chris – Bass
Brian – Drums

Tracks #25-49 recorded September 5, 2009 using a Fostex XR-7 Multitracker with vocal overdubs done August through November of 2010 using Reaper v3.11. These songs were recorded during the same session as “A Few Lixxx” album.

Andy – Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Brian – Drums

Tracks #50-52 recorded June 7, 2009 using a Fostex XR-7 Multitracker.

Jake – Guitar / Vocals
Andy – Bass
Brian – Drums

Tracks #53-79 recorded August 8+9, 2006 using a Fostex XR-7 Multitracker. Vocal overdubs were done sometime in April of 2007.

Andy – Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Brian – Drums / Vocals

Tracks #80-99 recorded August 15, 2006 using a Fostex XR-7 Multitracker. Vocal overdubs were done sometime in April 0f 2007.

Andy – Guitar / Bass / Keyboards / Vocals
Brian – Drums / Keyboards / Vocals

“Nightly Desecrations” is a collection of previously unreleased recording sessions. All songs written and performed by Captain Three Leg with the exception of the following: #44 Dropdead, #45 Infest, #48 Unisex. Mastered using SoundForge v4.5.

Cover art and logo by Daryl Kahan, Inside art by Tom Kemp, logo by Blakk / Angelkill, digital booklet by J. Randall. Thanks to Clint for releasing this, to Randall for hosting in on “Grindcore Karaoke”, to everyone who contributed artwork for this release and for Chris and Jake for always finding time to record with us on your visits home.

“Nightly Desecrations” was released in a limited edition of 100 pro-CDR’s by D/A/S Cassettes and Vinyl. Physical copies can be obtained by writing Clint at: dxaxsxgrindcore@gmail.com or by visiting his blog-site at: dxaxsxgrindcore-gcxgs.blogspot.com

A note about our lyrics and the lyric writing process: This is the first time any of our lyrics have been made available. In the earliest days we didn’t even bother writing lyrics and just faked them, but over time we started writing stuff down so it didn’t sound like we were just going “rrrrrr, grrrrrr, grrrr!” over our music. We’ve never been an issue oriented band; these lyrics really do exist only to fill up space and nothing more. Grindcore in itself is pretty silly. Playing music as fast as possible, pretending to be angry about something, screaming at the top of your lungs is all pretty silly, especially when done by a bunch of people in their mid-30’s or older. At this age, unless we’re singing about how we don’t have any money leftover after paying our mortgage, we’re struggling to find things to write about. We always write our music first, and then lyrics a great deal of time later. We wrote about the most ridiculous and extreme scenarios imaginable knowing nobody would be reading our lyrics. A lot of our song ideas come from real-life news stories exaggerated to make for a better story. Just as often, a 3 to 5 second sample from a movie will dictate what the song will be written about and leave us scratching our heads trying to come up with lyrics to match. As a result, most of our lyrics are quite dumb, especially so considering we didn’t think anyone would ever see them or be able to make them out. These lyrics were never meant to be taken seriously; they’re offensive for the sake of being offensive, stupid for the sake of being stupid. Even with this disclaimer, I’ve chosen to withhold some of the lyrics from being printed as some were just too stupid/offensive. Through years of listening to this sort of nonsense, you might be able to make some/all of them out, but the cloud of doubt comforts me somewhat and I hope we’ve done a good enough job of making them indiscernible to the listener. They aren’t important anyway. They’re only words and exist as a place holder for growling and gurgle noises.

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