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by Shaken Baby

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PARTICLE SMASHER Divided by partisans Corrupted data erupts Anomalous cataclysms turning all into faceless piles Raging dualities between plus and minus ensure universal recreation
White Noise 00:21
WHITE NOISE The voices inside these walls are not anymore I finally find myself standing on my own Everything around me is meant for me to swallow Pills = peace No more unease, small fears, sweat and tears No more voices in my head, just a dead TV-set and the pills to keep them away
PHANTASMAGORIA Dead auras Controlled life forms Diseased atmospheres Drowned in transition Worlds collapse Decayed matter, reality Warping dimensional gates Spirits inside every object, blending in with my eyes and mind Perceptive shift Human nerves burn down to ash
Shades 00:42
SHADES Soulless beings far away, reach out to me, strike me down Empty, void of the empathy Crawling inside me to ensure their happiness Forever wallowing 'till I am brain dead Trying to embrace soulless contempt Cold, inhumane debauchery Feeding on these sins
Dislocated 00:32
DISLOCATED Dislocated Trapped behind barriers Eighteen years in depravity and agony This prisoner has done his time too long
SCIENCE OF ESOTERIC'S Understanding all the signs You weren't meant to comprehend Engineered Syncretic absolution The veil is to be finally pierced Science of esoteric's Knowledge transcending the human concepts Consciousness turning into an unstable mass Brains melt, nerves collapse Perfect vision achieved Meant to transcend human knowledge
Strangelets 01:05
STRANGELETS Away your mind is wandering into a noosphere of tastelessness Integration; assimilate with what you've always hated We're all the same Strangelets infecting me Losing me The shame of being nothing more than one with primates prospects my end To set me free from meaning nothing more than a pile of shit Failed destiny Final solution set's in motion Blatant self-destruction in unison Strangelets decimating me Losing me
BROKEN MECHANICS Systems go to waste, debilitate Sensory depravity, captivity Human nature, symbiotic interference Programmed reactions, mental dissection Broken mechanics, total obliteration Insurrection, surreal meanings, entities, curiosities Bastardized, synchronized, nullified…
A STENCH TO BEAR Infesting human cancer Clandestine, astute protectors Festering globe No culture left to harbor A stench to bear…
Black Sun 00:17
BLACK SUN Breathing silence Eternal darkness Devoid of the sun Never to come Abyssal gloom surrounds Absence of life Candles lit for the dead; all the light there will ever be
Veterans 00:56
VETERANS Writhing with PTSD Her husband is struggling with his sanity Stuck limitlessly and bed bound Stricken in manic situations Filled with death and pain Her tears are those of angel's to a man who has lost his life to his land Blood runs from his daydreams about killing children He's lost his closest friends, (strangers) to his own landline Jihadi are peeking through the window Their hair reminisces of his wife's
Grey Matter 01:18
GREY MATTER Empty chrysalis, hollow butterflies Remainder of what once was, buried in silence And now I pray for the end The eyes of watchers Sewn she with silk wires Hollow conundrums are all the moves them And now they pray for the end Iron maidens holding all the secrets of agony Abysmal state, plummeting into emotion We'll soon be the same Reaping the matter in apathy Chattering my teeth in anxiety Seeping into death
Hypersex 00:37
HYPERSEX There's something about the smell of group sex That jet lures me in Something disgusting about the way they move That burns at my nerves I'd like their heads to come off The climax of my fetish And I thought I can't enjoy sex
Saturation 01:33
SATURATION There's a light at the end That's shining with hatred Like a halo made of migraine Something's eating at me It didn't use to be this way I remember a time when life seemed to be just fine It feels like aeons ago Oh how life has changed us so Lies make for an illness that affects your vision You can't escape from the blackness your facing The pigments are here to consume you Beauty is so ugly All your friends are enemies They're all out to get you You can't escape from the blackness That you are now facing You can't escape Retaliate It's all too late
APOTHECARIES OF OBLIVION Molten brass poured down your throat You will slave Ridden with amnesia You will slave forever You will live Embrace the daily dose of life The cauldrons are ready to boil your blood Cultivate from your stress
Epiphany 02:22


GK#106 c&p 2011 karaoke/shaken baby


released October 29, 2011


Japer - Drums, noise
Owen - Guitars, vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered at home, September 2011.

Music by Shaken Baby, artwork and lyrics by Owen.


all rights reserved



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