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Plague Dogs

by Plague Dogs

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INTO THE FIRE I wake in the depths of pure misery / Wondering how I've got in so deep / Guess I should shed all my skin / Remember how to be my own friend / I'll send myself into the fire / Burn away all my denial / All that I want to be is right / But when all I'm doing quite isn't right / I'd swallow it down / Look to the ground / Throw it all up / Look what I've found / Send myself into the fire / Burn away all the denial / Silence is it a dream? / Or am I obsolete / Buried deep beneath / I'll send myself into the fire / Burn away all my denial / I am on fire / I'm not fucking tired / As I burn away / Charred ash is my escape
Bastard Land 02:22
BASTARD LAND Bastard land full of hate / Grew so large / Huge mistake / Foolish fucks with their might / Flex their guns / Begin to fight / Fool of hate / Ignorance / Follow down the path of emperor's / Luxury / How long will it last? / The fools abuse / Completely confused / Suffer / Breath in the pain / Whole spreading / Brain / Suffer
FAILURE TO THRIVE Failure to thrive / They don't feel fine / Useless waste for this fucking place / It all ends in time / Unless we apply so much knowledge / Use it right / In this place they will disgrace / Ignorance totalled with pain / They will rise on the right / To be darkness / Slowly we die
Barren 02:05
BARREN You were always right and always terrified / As time ticks away / What about today? / Into the fray I see everyday / Hiding behind decay / Nothing more but a show or display / Barren / Full of bones / Histories natural clone / Humankind leave me alone / I'm barren and torn
Ugly as Fuck 02:41
UGLY AS FUCK I'm a fucking nightmare / Abrasive and rough / Ugly as fuck / Completely pissed off / Bastard from birth / Step on my feet guess who you meet? / Armed to the teeth / Angry as all / I stand ten feet tall / Try knocking me down / Burn to the ground / Ugly as fuck / Full of fire and alcohol
Lights Out 02:42
LIGHTS OUT We all wait / The other way / Lonely and confused / Likely abused / No sign of the fear / What have I done here? / Don't look away ? DOn't turn away / We have lost / All we want / To be right / At what cost? / This fucking world? ? We've had enough / Just you stay the same / Don't look away


GK#324 c&p 2012 karaoke/plague dogs


released December 6, 2012

a SIT & SPIN RECORDS production
"Plague Dogs"

Recorded and mixed by Dan O'Hare at Mark-It-Zero Music

Travis - Vocals
Greg - Guitar
Jeff - Guitar
Chris - Bass
Johnny - Drums



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