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S​/​T LP

by Cloud Rat

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Athena 01:05
ATHENA I don't need a cloud to tell me I'm all right, with the space in between. Dead, buried in the ground. that's it, there's nothing else. I don't need you to tell me I'm going to hell. Scared eyes, wet little face. life shoved in my face. I can't stand you. i don't know you. I am a monster. Dead, buried in the ground. that's it, there's nothing else.
Pill Birth 00:42
PILL BIRTH She asked, he asked, now they're going to bed. Just assuming takes it's toll. roll daddy, roll. The bed, she says it hurts, she's starting to feel the dirt. She says she feels it really. It just opens her eyes to the mask in her face. He's nothing but the same, and she's a different species.
LE FOIE DU MICHIGAN Trophée fille pour tous pour voir tous les ‡ squeeze. You were the liver of Michigan, so sweet so vile. Trophy I am for all to squeeze. You made a fool out of me, a fool out of us. This setting sun will burn through your fucking flesh. I hope it burns through your breath. I hope it burns through your traps. Trophée fille pour tous pour voir tous les ‡ squeeze.
Dwell 01:53
DWELL You said to me we will float away like the ships you see. Oh my heart sings to you. But you're poisoned so dark, and the fog is too thick. Should I lay with you in death? I know I should sail away alone. I watch like a hawk as you lean and fade. Does it feel good to burn away? As he filters and pierces through your skin. Sweet relief, the pain is finally gone. Hand in mouth, you shake me. You know what I'm thinking. Fuck you for thinking I would be happy. But I will sit with you and coddle the womb, I won't leave you, I won't. I won't leave you. They only sedate. They only sedate.
Sinkhole 01:50
SINKHOLE You're upset in a dark world where we all get ignored. Where I'm subjected, you're rejected, and he doesn't want you around. My insides are coming out. Our minds are destroying themselves. The mirror is everything we think we are. Everything we are not. I am nothing. I am nothing. I poison my own body to treat myself. My body is the battleground where I hate myself. But there's nothing wrong with me. There's nothing wrong. I am something. I am. I am.
Yama 02:09
YAMA (instrumental/narrative)
Mouse Trap 01:21
MOUSE TRAP No hot water to cleanse my skin. Empty holes we've fallen in. Please mommy, make me clean. Give me something to eat. This trash and piss just piles up My bed smells and I've got no socks. I was looking to you for guidance. You were living on the couch. This trash and piss just piles up. You're like a little kid. If you're so depressed, Why do you want to live?
Vain 00:48
VAIN Life is fleeting death. Covered in shit. Vomiting piss. Just a constant fix, my fix. Written in the book you gave me, flowers and dead birds that you drew me. After I left, I now truly believe. Life is fleeting death. Covered in shit. Vomiting piss.
Canine 00:38
CANINE Forefather's got a gun. Forefather loves everyone. Forefather's got a gun. Says he'll save everyone. Why don't you love me? Why don't you want me? Forefather, lift us up. Impending doom, breaking crust. Forefather, save me please. five years old, I'm on my knees. She barks like a dog protecting her rats. I was just thrown outside. Out with the trash.
FAINT HEARTED I hate love. I despise it, actually. When I wanted it, it would leave me. I can't stand it, it haunts me. Oh they all haunted me. they all haunted me. What a warped sense of mind, to tell me every things fine. A little at a time. It's the thing that just beats me, it beats me every time.
COMPLEX TO BREAK Why you sent to me, A thought for all to see. Can I, God, get outside these lines? You are the one to design a system too complex to break. Can't I think? My life as quick as a blink. Cant I fucking think? I, God, can't get outside these lines. You are the one to design a system too complex to break. Can't I think? A system too complex to break.


GK#21 c&p 2011 karaoke/cloud rat


released April 16, 2011

"Cloud Rat"

Cloud Rat is Adrian, Madison & Rorik.

Recorded January 31st, 2010 at Kevin's House.

Mastered at Moresound Studios in Syracuse, NY by Jocko.

Cover art by Jeremy Alexander.
Insert art by Madison Marshall.

Thanks to everyone who lives and supports local & DIY community, everyone who was involved in the making of this record and has helped us out in any way, we sincerely appreciate you.


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