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Scionide ep

by Barking Orders

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Scionide 01:47
SCIONIDE Jesus Christ, grindcore star So happy to be pimping for the Scion car Scene got mad, you don’t care There’s plenty new undemanding fans for you out there “Free EPs? Fucking rad!” This ain’t the socio-grind of your old dad
JUST LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS (MONTAGE) : IF MY EYES WERE BULLETS The older I get, the deeper I hate Your suffering makes me masturbate If my eyes were bullets you would all be dead Blink, blink, goodbye, swallowing lead Smile when I meet you, but rest assured Your sickness of life is about to be cured YOUR PASTOR WILL LOVE THE WAY IT FEELS The music is mellow while the vocals are kinda heavy It’s modern black metal for you to crank out of your Chevy A sweet new jam for the new new country fan And it doesn’t even sound like it was recorded in a garbage can! So put on them boots and kick up your heels Even your pastor will love the way it feels It’s wholesome, not evil, completely watered down It’s barely even black, maybe beige or sort of brown COME ON YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! MOSH! Always hated that fucking word And everyone who uses it I deem to be a turd GOONS! Like so many that I’ve known Greasy fucking meatballs slobbering on their own bones CIRCLE PIT! Making others exercise While you just twirl your finger from the stage and dream of pies JUST LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS When in the fuck did “extreme music” people Become so easily offended by everything, by being called out for the questionable shit they do? If this is what today’s 'underground' consists of, then leave me in the past to rehash releases from a time when everyone wasn’t so fragile and quick to be hurt HARPHONY BORINE Harmony Korine makes the yawniest films I’ve ever seen Tries so hard to be odd, he’s a contrived and boring sod The forced weirdness is so bland that flaccid stays my gland Dude, you’ll never be Ulrich Seidel or Giuseppe Andrews FUCK YOUR CULTURE Douchebags trampling to the shore Gotta prove their worth Pumping up each other’s cocks Fill the sea with blood Hacking like Neanderthals As they’ve always done Bastards of humanity The lowest form of scum Fuck your culture, fuck your pride This is grind against the grind! THRASHING TOMORROW INTO YESTERDAY AGAIN TODAY The thrash revival’s come and gone Oh shit, wait, it’s back again! Thank Lemmy I’ve still got my vest! SORRY TO INFORM Sorry to inform you evil fucks, but your inverted cross is actually a holy symbol in the Catholic Church known as the Cross of St. Peter
SUCK A COCK IN FRIGHT It’s late at night, you hear a knock Should you open the door? You do and that was a huge mistake A giant dong enters the room Hovers in front of you staring you down What the shit to do? Open your mouth wide from the fear And let it inside of you Suck a cock in fright Suck a cock in fright Suck a cock in fright Suck a cock in fright The head barely fits in, but you do your best Drooling spit ribbons all over your chest Then in an instant, the penis departs That cum in your eyes goddamn smarts Towel!
HATING FAGS IS GAY It’s funny how so many hetero schmucks Things every fag looks to them for a fuck Well here’s a news flash, oh mighty dude There’s no way to say it without being rude You’re not god’s gift to straighties and neither to queers That lump in your head is so limp and austere You think about gay sex more than a gay Obsessed with assholes and how far they can splay Sick at the sight of men kissing Or does that shit turn you on? Just can’t stop yapping about it Go ahead, jerk off the dong! Don’t worry, no one suspects you Because you talk about them so much Just in case, maybe go beat one At least then you’ll get to touch Hating fags is gay!


GK#491 c&p 2014 karaoke/barking orders


released February 21, 2014

an UKULELE PRINCESS production
"Scionide ep"

Recorded at Tiny Bubbles Studio and Shave Ice Stand, 2014

Massturd by Randall

Endless thanks to Randall for actions above and beyond

This release is dedicated to those who keep the old ways within the new days. A big FUCK OFF to those who have forgotten where they came from


all rights reserved



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