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West End Blast

by Death-Cult Jock

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WAR THROUGH OTHER MEANS: GRINDCORE Lost time now revenge is mine Seeping through the cracks Growth of diseased minds Keep a pace The grand race to below On your knees Who's next to blow Last time revenge is mine War through other means: grindcore!
P.P.P. 00:39
P.P.P. Treachery on every level of society Push for profits, popularity Seeps to the underground All semblance of revolt shelved Same story, sad story Escape is death In the eyes of beast and market Another path carved from compromised Ideals slayed by realism
Fast 00:13
FAST Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
DREGS AND VOMIT Behind the gates plated in gold Architects of control The everyday drool Misanthropic minds turned minor dictators of dictum Pleasantries of edict Who was it again that supported the fascists? The age of scum (in the positive) is upon us Un-nice, uncivilised, unsanitary Dirt and shit, dregs and vomit The culture of mistrust you created now turns on you See the poor man laugh in your face As you're forced into the streets This no-mans land won't keep you clean Criticize those that have nothing While you rape us back to the stone-age I hope for your violent end
VIRUS / PLAGUE The streets are full of scum (in the negative) One by one a human trail of shit reveals the full spectrum Beggar, whore, dealer, junkie By the grace of dog we all feed as a virus, plague See forests turn to concrete Flesh to machine A perfect cancer A perfect Disease Work to live Live to work Spread this planets curse One problem: We are not the solution Lowest form of life: the human being
CHRISTIAN PUNKS FUCK-OFF! Christian punks fuck-off!
UNI-WANKERS FUCK OFF! Uni-wankers fuck-off!
DEATH-CULT JOCK FUCK OFF! Death-cult jock fuck-off! Rock over London Rock on Chicago
DRUNK COMPLEX Hypocrite Lie right to my face In a ceramic tomb Naked image fat and disgraced You were warned, all signs bare Manic, pathetic One to many teddy bears Human, once and for all Fallen, failed, bitter A wasted mess God-like in centredness Wear your crown of broken glass with pride or die Claim a breast Property rights still assumed Poor, poor arms Delicate albino privilege Cushion the blow as a hemorrhoid Satin silk skin
LAST SATURDAY NIGHT (Lyrics withheld)
THIRD REICH MINDSET Brain dead scene shits trying to ram ideology into my head Moral supremacy went out of fashion with the Third Reich Millions dead Bus-in-ness hours are over We're closed
Numb 06:07
NUMB Unknown to them, they are unknown Despite their rowdiness and identifiable reek Overflowing It all overflows Again and again Again and again it subsides A void overcomes their relentlessness Waking moments come like sleep Numb


GK#18 c&p 2011 karaoke/death cult jock


released March 24, 2011

"West End Blast"

DEATH-CULT JOCK is Kegan, Yuk, Gardy, Dave and Mike.

Tracks recorded in April 2009 at Gardy’s house by King Collins. Mastered by Neville Clark at Disk Edits.

Artwork by Waldie.

Thanks go to: Jock, Wald, The King Collins, the bands we’ve played with, and you for checking us out!

Special thanks to J. Randall for getting us on GRINDCORE KARAOKE.

Hit us up on twitter @deathcultjock or find us on Facebook.



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