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THE TOWER OF WHITE MOTH Plodding across the nightmarishly gloomy trail / against an ever-swirling dust storm / I beheld my destination once again / far beyond the sunies-like sunset / An odor of ancient powdered corruption / brown in the storm stung my nostril, mesmerized and paralyzed It's the way to a limbo, an eon-deserted path to the primordial / There arose the tower-like life ahead of me / like a gigantic colonies of blighted fungus / ever-growing with a sickening rankness / pushed and swelled and mounted / Its whitish-greenness I could've never / dare to describe, hellishly fascinating / color out of space / Trillion of moths / wriggling against each other, and god / it all fell on me like a landslide / White moths swarmed in my face / as the tower got tumbling down / I wish to god that I had turn my way back / but I knew I will be the one / Disorientation championing my sanity / Life was over-grown, over-decayed everywhere / The queen-moth, she was there gagging, whispering "My little one, stay for a while" / Under the shadow of the twin moon / it's suffocatingly ultra-tropical / far beneath the reddish-black horizon / becoming the one with those rotten chrysalis in bloom / Fascination, grief, joy and pain / with an apocalypse of dream I could live forever / Toward the will to burn and will to fly / that's where my last breath shall be / White moths swarmed in my face / as the tower got tumbling down / I wished to god that I had turn my way back / but I knew I must be there 

き荒ぶ塵の嵐 / 悪夢の如く薄暗き路をひた進む / 血漿の如き日没の 向こう / 我は彼の地を再び見やる / 古の腐臭が粉末とともに / 我が鼻腔を劈く / 気の遠くなるような年月を隔て / 荒廃しきった道 幻惑 麻痺 / 黄泉に至る道標  あるいは / 原始への誘い / 突如 目前に聳える 生命の塔 / 巨大な病群生キノコの如く / 膨らみ続け むかつくような臭気を発し / 犇きあい 埋まりあう / 言葉を絶す / 程に忌まわしい / 禍々しく白味がかった緑 / 狂おしき程に魅惑的な 異次元の色 / 互いにひしめき 揉み合い / 塔のようにうねり聳える / 幾兆もの白蛾の群れ / まるで地滑りのように 崩れ落ち / 我が身に覆い被さる / 崩れる塔 顔面に群がる白蛾 / 引き返すべき / あったと願いつつ / 己が塔の一部となることを 知る / 譫妄が我が正気を凌駕する / 至るところに跋扈する 生命と堕落 / 女王蛾は / 狂ったように笑い転げ / もう暫くここに留まれと 囁く / 息が詰まる程の超熱帯 / 二つの月の影 / 赤黒き地平線の遥か下を見据え / 開花せんとする あの腐敗した / 蛹共と一体となる / 魅惑 絶望 歓喜と苦痛 / 夢の啓示と共に / 燃えあがり 飛び立たんとする意思 / 我は永遠の生を得る
THE CIRCULAR RUINS The voices out of the shadow of his dream / It's the wizard by the lake of doom / White sun that will never rise / The door you are closing forever / The circular ruins are everywhere / slowly replacing dusk with dawn / At the end of time he can die forever / Someone else was dreaming him / The gate with bloodstained jugs / A frame burns him with no pain / With relief, the sky turns to red / The death coming close to him / The circular ruins are everywhere / slowly replacing dusk with dawn / At the end of time he can live forever / Someone else was dreaming you 

夢の影より 出ずる声 / 破滅の池 畔に佇む魔術師 / 決して昇らぬ あの白色の太陽 / 永遠に閉ざさんとする扉 / 円環の廃墟 至る所に / 日没と夜明けを / 遅々と入れ替える / 時間の終焉 彼は永遠に死に至り続ける / 誰かに夢見られ / 血糊 蛇口の如き瘤の付いた門 / 炎 一切の苦痛無く 彼を燃やし / 安堵と共に 空は赤一色に


GK#196 c&p 2012 karaoke/zothique


released March 23, 2012


Shusuke Shimonaka / Guitars and Vocal
Jona / Bass and Vocal
Koji Ueno / Drum
Darklaw / Keyboard and noise

Music produced by ZOTHIQUE.
Lyrics written by Shusuke Shimonaka.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Darklaw at Noise Room Recording Studio.

Very special thanks to J. Randall, Noise Room Recording Studio, Koenji Sound Studio D.O.M, Shinokubo EARTHDOM, KATSUKI PHOTOGRAPHY, all the bands we have played with and friends who have supported us.


Download includes 2 bonus videos!


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