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On analog Manually get open more often / always recording cuz sanity's over capacity almost always / out of my fucking broken canopy / "you could say" / too broke to toke on bowls casually / me and my Malory and the mutt for company and protection from this peanut gallery / of frauds / hustlers / racketeers / corrupt as the government's pupeteer is / this volunteer bombadier doesn't need landing gear for this / missing in evasive distraction / roughneck carrying into action all in fists / following through with planned attacks on planet we're better than you / from my cocoon's point of view through a downward periscope dropping clusters of carpet bomb barrack busters / from a Sopwith tri-plane sputtering profanity / stopping for no ones nonsensical blabbering / Nothing left but wreckage / hense the namesake / forsaken / Nothing left but wreckage / hense the namesake / forsaken / This is finding sucess while laid off from the daily grind polishing this doomed megalopolis / Matt from first place science hooked it up / by sampling the dustiest record from the sour milk bin for this one / sentence written with the thickest chisel tip / been the hypest apparition holding this shit for ransom / not just some failing sales pitch for fishscale like who wants some? / "no one"/ two for flinching took a swing but missed it / took another shattered the aluminum and still hit it out of the trailerpark / how to overdose on the retro undertones / in order to wade through this automatic man made / but still nothing moves the youth / all respect to the unacknowledged / can't keep my tentacles out of this petting zoo / Nothing left but wreckage / hense the namesake / forsaken / Nothing left but wreckage / hense the namesake / forsaken


from FPSP​​.​​WRECKS, released December 20, 2012


all rights reserved



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