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I Want It I Need It (Death Heated)

from Exmilitary by Death Grips



Been working way too much | Need to get out and get fucked up | Whats going on? | Where's it at? | Make some calls to make it crack, lets see... I need money, drugs, a ride and a spot with hot ones inside | The mission: to get all of the above in a limited amount of time | I can do this and it's done | Like that we're on our way | Be it acid on the tongue | Cocaine in your brain or some weed that hits your lungs like a runaway train | Hell yeah, from DMT to MDMA | Got all that shit and more | So 'til dawn we're okay... but anyway... fuck a line, every time | Get in, get a drink and lose our minds | All eyes on the dime | That makes your dick want to grind | Know you got a good buzz going 'cuz everything is glowing | Skirt so short her ass is showing | And she's looking so you’re knowing you could get it tonight | But there’s so much around | Best take your time do it right | As you keep getting higher | Lights look like they're on fire | Soon all that’s left of you is your most primal desires | Ass clappin', dick suckin', lock the door to the bathroom – quick fuckin' | Find a whore and it could happen | But it's nothin', 'cuz you're drunk and you'll be blackin' out | Before you even get a chance to think 'bout what you're doing | I want it, I need it, need it to make me feel heated | Shake it, can't take it, must break it | Break if off yea, what'd I say bitch… bitch | Getting looser and looser and losing yourself | In the groove that has the whole party movin' | You're cruisin', you don't know what you're doing and you don't give a… 'cuz you're so liquored up, you throw it up and keep on riding 'cuz your timing is on | And that fine one is on you, its time to get gone | Too far up in it to yawn, 'til it's finished come on | Get more twisted and bomb the dance floor 'til it breaks | Start to pondering rape | Me I'm all bout the face | But it takes all kinds | So pay no mind to the taste | Want to hear that song | You know the one with the bass | That makes their asses gyrate | Forget to hydrate | 'Til they're so fucked up they take | Off all of their clothes and whip | It on me like my body's made to fit 'tween their lips | You got the ones on their grill or between their hips | But either way I must say I really don't give a shit | Long as its done well, and they promise not to tell | We could do this like an orgy | In the bowels of hell | Where every Lucy’s hella horny | And their pussies don't smell | Argh... where's it at? | I want it, I need it, need it to make me feel heated | Shake it, can't take it, must break it | Break if off yea, what'd I say bitch… bitch | Responsibility's cool, but there’s more things in life | Like getting your dick | Rode all fucking night | By the kind of girl that knows how to keep her shit tight | Legs in the air, looking like they feel nice | Volcano pussy melt your peter like ice | And the drugs got you going back for more 'cuz you're like I just can't get enough of that cum clutch, well alright | It's time to find one and take one | Right now | It's time to find one and make one say | I'm down | Think I just found one, 'bout to break one off | Meanwhile... hallucinating crazy, getting lost for miles, may have gotten too fucked up 'cuz I forgot how to smile | Gonna have to do this shit Jim Morrison style | Will it work? | Probably not, but its worth a try | First hot one I see with sex in her eyes | Will be the hot one I need to take home with me tonight | Wish me luck, give me dap and I'll talk to you later | And when I do lets hope my story isn’t all about haters | Wheres it at? | 'Cuz I want it like man | Got the drugs but need a hot one that'll make me go damn | Was the most banging guts that I ever have smashed | If you got it push it up on me 'cuz I'm feeling that ass, know what I mean? | Wheres it at? | I want it, I need it, need it to make me feel heated | Shake it, can't take it, must break it | Break if off yea, what'd I say bitch… bitch


from Exmilitary, released August 26, 2011


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