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Satan is a Mummy

from Advanced Mummification Procedure by Mummifier



The sky erupts with black fire as deep lacerations cover our flesh
Screams and cries conjugate into one terrifying noise.
A pain comes from within and soon spreads to every extremity, destroying our physical selves in almost every way possible
The scent of burning, decaying skin becomes so overwhelming it invades our taste buds and consumes mouths and throats
We vomit what food we can, then vomit ourselves onto the ground
Those not on their knees quickly find themselves there.
On our hands and knees, it feels like an open wound touching pavement on the hottest day
No one has the strength to stand
No one has the strength to do anything but regress to a childlike state hoping their parents, their doctors, their God, anyone will save them
A bright light pierces the black sky and reveals a form of angelic perfection
But the voice that follows stabs our ears and drowns out our own screams
I existed before your "savior"
I was conscious before the pen
With my lies and deception I fooled an entire world.
I guided the hands that translated the book, each time influencing the subtleties
Rulers used to create their own faith
The voice of God you follow is my own
All who followed the truer path died over one thousand years ago
Hell is full, my army complete
We'll feast on the flesh of the pure and our own and paint the gates of heaven with blood"
We want nothing more than to protest the voice, but obedience comes off as the most addictive drug
We cannot think, let alone fight
Our bodies are no longer our own, our minds become blank slates awaiting an order in Satan's name
We march toward the light, leaving behind a fitting trail of death


from Advanced Mummification Procedure, released October 28, 2011


all rights reserved



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