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Spread Eagle Cross The Block

from Exmilitary by Death Grips



I fuck the music | I make it cum | I fuck the music with my serpent tongue | Wanna beer, have no fear, comes and goes, man its here | No one knows, feels so weird, when it blows through my bones | I got a jones for it | I wanna know more, 'cuz its bout what I got to show for it | I want some more of it | I want too much | I got so bored with it | I shot it up | Wanna light my torch with it and get all fucked up | What is it? Where is it? | How will it affect me | Fuck that shit, I need that shits bound to be the death of me | Fuck buying it I'm taking it, and sharing it with nobody | 'Cuz all I really need is some cool shit to mob | Like driving down the street to the beat of a blow job | I own that shit | On some throw back shit | You already know that shit | You even know 'bout how I know the man | Who grows that, bitch… you can't buy it with your money | You can't find it overseas | It"s one of those things that seems outlandish | 'Til you have it's not a dream | As for me, I'm cool with it | And that's alright 'cuz it's my thing | Work that angle 'til it's beveled | Curve of the blade doubled | Edge made to bleed the struggle | Best believe the game's a hustle | Observer of the strange occurrences | Conjurer of the subtle | Unseen but felt disturbances | That burst a bitches bubble | That’s right it's all mine | It’s all mine never was yours | Like how you wait in line | While I walk straight through the door (straight through the...) | Hear you say something | But ain't nothing – spectators ignored | Pay no mind to that chump's | Just a player hatin' whore | I fuck the music | I make it cum | I fuck the music with my serpent tongue | Ain’t no fun if the aliens can't have none | How I fuck it dirty | How I make it twitch and scream | How it screams oh baby hurt me | Work me to the bone oh please | How I bend the rhythm over | And hit, hit, hit it on my knees | Give, give, give it up | I need it all the time | Bleed it on the drop of a dime – down to pound it 'til it shines | Moonlit lake of blood red wine | Make no mistake, I makes it mine | Break shit down and make it grind | To the groove used to align | The cascading shades of jaded blues with these rhymes | Nuclear steeze creeps and winds | Through secrets behind and between | Every time I scream | Shit is mine | It's all mine | All the time |Shit is mine | What is it, where is it, how will it affect me | Fuck that shit I need that shit | Thought you knew, thought you thought | Thought you did but did not | Come on through what you got | Is it cool is it hot? | Check one, two, man don't stop | I'm not through black blood clot | In my view like that twat | Spread eagle cross the block | Need no ego to rock | What we know just gets dropped | How we keep shit on lock | 'Cuz all I really need is some cool shit to mod | Like driving down the street to the beat of a blow job | Shit is mine | Its all mine | All the time | Shit is mine


from Exmilitary, released August 26, 2011


all rights reserved



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